McCain’s 14 science questions

A couple of weeks ago, Barack Obama answered the 14 science questions. Now we hear that McCain has answered them as well. If you can believe they still care about Reality (or will let McCain care, if elected), check his answers (side-by-side with Obama’s) here.
Compare and contrast….

7 responses to “McCain’s 14 science questions

  1. I think it is really funny that McCain’s answers are very verbose and just talk about what he has done in the past. “While in the Navy… while Chairman of the senate committee on commerce, while senator of Arizona…” He is just being a yes man and not really answering a whole lot. I don’t care about what he did in the past, I want SPECIFICS of what he is planning on doing. I can’t believe it took him this long to answer and that drivel is all we got.

  2. Tegumai Bopsulai, FCD

    I no longer feel any obligation to believe a word from John McCain. He’s taken political lying to new levels.

  3. They had a couple weeks to study Barack’s answers before posting their own.

  4. From a “Science point of view” this election is not a difficult decision. It is unfortunate that we Americans only have a choice between these two somewhat similar views and positions, though Obama’s responses are more rational and generally more detailed. Whoever our next president happens to be, he’s going to first have to deal with the mess that his predecessor created, thus severely constraining any room for truly new ideas or initiatives. When the projected fiscal deficit for your first year in office is $500 billion, and you have two hot wars on your hands with 150,000+ U.S. troops committed overseas, you probably have different priorities than Science policy initiatives. Right?

  5. @decrepitoldfool- yes! I suppose this is why I’m not suprised I got this feeling that McCain was a little kid trying to look over Obama’s shoulder in class. Of course, you could argue that the “hope” and “change” rhetorical spin is the same thing.

  6. I suppose imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, if only McCain could actually imitate policies and not talking points.

  7. I have to say, for both candidates I was really wondering WHO in their campaign wrote the answers for them, to whom they just re-read the write-up and gave the go-ahead.
    “I will actively seek out the wise counsel of experts about how to ensure that we are best serving the needs of the American people.” Cute. I wonder if he will listen so well as Nixon did to his Science Advisory Committee.