Letterman tonight

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  1. Lying to Letterman – bad news. Still, if you can’t handle ‘The View’, Letterman is just going to be nasty.

  2. Thanks for this!

  3. themadlolscientist, FCD

    Letterman + Olbermann + CBS News/Katie Couric interview live feed……
    PWNZ0RZ McCAIN!!!11eleventyhundredeleventytwelve!!!!!!!
    ROFL =gasp= MAO =coff= I can’t =wheeze= breathe! Gimme some =choke= oxygen! Call =snort= 911!
    =turns blue, passes out=
    =sirens= I can’t find a pulse! Paddles!
    Must not go towards the light……. must….. not…..
    CLEAR! =ZAP=
    ……go……. towards…….
    Still no pulse! Crank it up to 350! CLEAR! =ZAPPPPP=
    Oh hi, what’d I miss?

  4. Dear Mr. Letterman:
    I use to enjoy your show. However, I now look for other entertainment instead of turning on your show. You have taken such a cruel and unlikable stance toward certain political individuals that your show is depressing and predictable. You must be in a race with Bill Mahr as to who is actually more thoughless, rude and ignorent. You are no longer funny or enjoyable because you are too busy making political statements and degrading people.
    It seems to me that when you are an entertainer you should try to entertain people in general not focus on a specific political party. Anyway, as an independent voter I can not sit through the type of show you have created.
    You have focused on seriously bashing other human beings with a vengence that have ideas or opinions that differ from yourself. What happened to your show? Have you become so narrow minded that you think everyone who watches your show sees life through your eyes. Millions of Americans who watch or watched your show are not democrat. Everyone enjoys a good joke, but you show has become so political and in the process you have taken a very unkind attitude toward others.
    Robert Allen
    Princeton, NJ

  5. themadlolscientist, FCD

    @ Robert Allen:
    And what about the many times McCain has been a guest on Letterman’s show and been treated with respect? I dare say the same would have happened this time if he’d shown up. But he weaseled out, lied about it, got caught on live feed from another studio, and then went on to another high-profile event the next day. Some rush back to DC!
    Sorry, dude, no free passes this time – the man brought it on himself. Better luck next time.