McCain supporters defend Islam at rally (video)

9 responses to “McCain supporters defend Islam at rally (video)

  1. Well, that was encouraging. Fun to see those racists get turned away from what they thought would be safe haven.

  2. That was great. It reminded me of the scene in ’12 angry men’ when the rest of the room turned away from the racist who was left on his own, ranting away in desperation.
    The whole idea that someone whose parent was nominally muslim is likely to revert to that religion at any point is plainly ridiculous but it equally applies to the McCain family as his adopted daughter comes from predominantly islamic Bangladesh.

  3. Nattering Nabob of Negativism

    Anybody out there still proud to be American? I’ve been ashamed of my country for most of my life.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding, the evidence of Obama’s islamic ties and past is overwhelming, he attended school registered muslim and attended by witnesses statements the local mosque and recited incandations from the koran with opropriate speech and wore muslim dress. his ties are truly well known and the left leaning media who supports him fails utterly in clear treason to highlight the truth of the matter. Even his christian background is with a hate filled, unamerican black racist radical; 20 years of this has to have had an impact on his thought process and teachings. To have ties to islamic radicals pay for his education as well as support his candidacy has got to be questionable; but then again, the liberal media fails to put this evidence forth for the voters to have all the relevant information they need to safeguard their liberty, values and freedom loving cultural history. Give me Liberty or Give me Death; No Obama, no islam, no hatefilled supremism at all in the United States! Sorry, the truth hurts, but the failure of the media in this case will lose us our freedom, country and culture.

  5. Do you really believe that crap or are you just fishing for McCain points?

  6. Helena Constantine

    I only wish Obama was Muslim. If we had a Muslim president it might go a long way to diffusing some of the ill-will created by the idiot who’s been running things for the last 8 years.

  7. If anyone cares to find out who this cowardly racist is, might I suggest (a site that now, not surprisingly redirects – to google). I would just like to see the guy’s name get out there, after the stuff that he was spewing but I don’t know enough to find that out via whois or whatever.

  8. They can redirect to Google, but they can’t hide.
    And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye shall search for Me with all your heart. (Jer 29:13)
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  9. to William Hill: I’ve attended services at a Nation of Islam Mosque, have heard Farrakhan speak – in person – several times, many of my relatives are Muslim, and I eat bean pies. Oh, but some of my best friends are white.
    Does that make me unfit to vote or live in this county?
    So what if he is Muslim? That video was right on. Alienating muslims, who by the way tend to be and vote conservatively is a bad thing for the republicans. Most Muslims voted for Bush, now with all of the xenophobic anti-islam rhetoric, they probably feel less welcome by the GOP.