Xenopus embryo development (video)

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  1. This series of videos on the development, one each morning this week, were discovered by my BIO101 students.

  2. Mad Hussein LOLscientist, FCD

    Wooooooaaaaaahhhhhhh. Beyond awesome. What’s the time span on this?

  3. Very nice!
    The time post-fertilization at “room temperature”:
    2-cell: 90 minutes
    32-cell: 3 hours
    blastula: 4-7 hours
    gastrulation begins: 9 hours (hard to see in the video)
    the final stage shown looks like about 1.5 day-old tailbud.
    See drawings of the stages. And a bunch more movies of Xenopus development.

  4. Awesome Video! Does anyone know the life expectancy of a xenopus? Mine is at least 23 years old.