Clock Quotes

Already the writers are complaining that there is too much freedom. They need some pressure. The worse your daily life, the better your art. If you have to be careful because of oppression and censorship, this pressure produces diamonds.
– Tatyana Tolstaya

One response to “Clock Quotes

  1. ——————
    Jonathan Vos Post
    Enzyme love, split me from the world
    whose bond to me is solitude.
    Free my blood of inhibition,
    my brain’s accumulated walls
    of constant regulation,
    over-concentrated will.
    Consume in airless darkness
    concerts of sour dreams.
    I burn for this conversion.
    Lead me to the pathway.
    Transport me from environment,
    from cellular compartment
    to the open system, energy,
    the cycle I was born to.
    31 dec 75