What is wrong with the picture?

Serbian Ministry of Health, as part of their fight against AIDS, inserted a condom inside a women’s magazine this month. The condom is German-made, named “Bumper-Bumper” and in a fun-looking package:
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The timing is unfortunate (I’m sure it was planned months in advance and was too difficult to pull back at the last moment) – this was mailed out just 2-3 days after a guy in Belgrade killed his wife – a pretty brutal case of domestic violence that everyone is talking about (this is not something that happens often there).
Question #1: Why are condoms not sent to men? Are the guys there not reading any magazines? Sports? Tech? I am sure there is some research that shows that this is more efficient, but aren’t the guys those who should care of this thing?
Question #2: what is wrong with the picture?
Hat-tip: Danica


11 responses to “What is wrong with the picture?

  1. That’s almost FAIL worthy….

  2. I was browsing this women’s magazine, and there is tiny section (half of page) on ‘how to protect yourself’ for teens (likely) against the AIDS, and all regarding the upcoming International Day against the AIDS (December 1st). Didn’t buy any men’s magazine, but I’m curious if Ministry of Health have sent gifts to male populations as well.
    As for the accident 3 days ago – it happened on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. And I bet it’s the violence is happening all other 365 days in year in different forms, unfortunately.
    Photo: I don’t want to make a bummer from bumper, maybe someone’ll guess:)

  3. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! Someone is a little unclear on either where the fucking sperm come from, or how condoms work!

  4. Hmm, it wasn’t secured with a staple. I can only assume you are referring to the sperm on the outside of the condom. Drawing an anthropomorphic condom stopping sperm would be a bit difficult without a bit of creative license there.
    As for why they might distribute to women? I would guess that it lowers the barrier for discussion with a partner if one is available. And that it may be easier then either going to the store/pharmacy and buying them or asking/demanding that their partner do the same.

  5. I don’t see why only men should carry condoms with themselves?

  6. The anthropomorphic condom looks a lot like the one on the storefront at the condom store in Harajuku.
    I do miss Japan…

  7. How’d the sperm get on the outside? And doesn’t that suggest one should select a different brand of condom, which keeps the sperm inside the condom?

  8. *I don’t see why only men should carry condoms with themselves?*
    It’s more the issue that the woman is always expected to bear the burden of contraception (as well as the burden of the ineffective contraception), and men ought not to assume that is the natural order of things. Many men don’t in fact carry condoms with them, usually because they dislike using them and hope the women will be on the pill or some such.

  9. I guess this must be a women’s condom, given the picture and the fact that it was in women’s magazines. Good innovation 😉

  10. Good news – Danica asked a friend to buy the Serbian version of Men’s Health and, voila – condom is there as well! The women’s mag, btw, was Serbian edition of Cosmo.

  11. the author is an obvious oblivious artist: he wanted to draw some bugs/bacteria/viruses and imagined they would be in the form of sperms