Open Science – post-mortem analysis of H.M.’s brain

As you know, H.M. died last week.
Listen to this brief (9 minutes) NPR Science Friday podcast – you will be able to hear Henry Gustav Molaison’s voice. But most importantly, he has donated his brain to further scientific study. His brain will be sliced and stained and studied at The Brain Observatory at the University of California, San Diego.
But the way they are going to do it will be in a very Open Science manner. Dr. Jacopo Annese, who is leading the project said, in this interview, that the entire process will be open – there will be a forum or a blog where researchers from around the word can make suggestions and discuss the procedure and the results. This will include, especially, people who have worked with Molaison when he was alive and may, thus, have the most insight into what would be most important to study, e.g., exactly what dyes to use to trace which brain circuits, etc. It will be interesting to watch.

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