ScienceOnline’09 – introducing the participants 10

The interest in the conference was overwhelming this year. When we opened the registration back in September we did not expect that we would have to close it in less than three weeks, already over our maximal number of 200. As a result, our waitlist got bigger and bigger and, occasionally, as someone would cancel, we could invite someone from the waitlist to register.
About a dozen people held off until the end, hoping they would still be able to make it, but had to cancel over the last week or two. In their place, we invited several people from the waitlist (and yes, we are still over capacity, and hope everyone will take the crowding with good humor). Let me introduce them today:
Arikia Millikan is everybody’s favourite intern here at and she blogs on Page 3.14. She will join Erin Johnson in presenting at the conference.
Clark Boyd is the Technology Correspondent for PRI’s The World.
Joshua Rosenau is my SciBling, over at Thoughts from Kansas, as well as the Public Information Project Director at NCSE.
Christopher Conklin works for Blogads, the Chapel Hill based pioneering online advertising company.
Jason Smith is the Associate Editor and webmaster at UNC’s Endeavors magazine.
Nathan Swick blogs on The Drinking Bird and is a Scholarship Coordinator at the UNC-Morehead Planetarium & Science Center.
Benjamin Schell, Christopher Perrien and Tessa Perrien write for Science in the Triangle, an evolving experiment in community science journalism and scientific-community organizing.
Catherine Clabby is an Associate Editor and Katie Lord is the Associate Publisher at American Scientist magazine.
Karen Ventii is a science writer and a (former, but nobody is really “former”) SciBling (at Science To Life).
acmegirl is a blogger on Thesis – with Children.
KT Vaughan is the Pharmacy Librarian, a blogger on Pharmacy Librarian and Clinical Assistant Professor in the School of Pharmacy at UNC.
Harvey Krasny is the Founder of CaroTech, LLC.
Caroline McMillan is a journalism student at UNC, the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Carrboro Commons and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Rivals’ magazine (yes, UNC and Duke students can work together!).
Leah Gordon is the Knowledge Management Specialist at MEASURE Evaluation Carolina Population Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Allison Gruber is a science writing student at Duke University.
Angela Czahor is a science writing student at Duke University.
Alexandra Levitt is a science writing student at Duke University.
Grace Baranowski is a science writing student at Duke University.
Diane Bosnjak is an AIBS/COPUS organizer of Year of Science 2008.
Nancy Shepherd, MBA PhD is the President and CEO at Shepherd Research, LLC
Soumya Vemuganti is a graduate student at UNC in the Departnent of Cell and Developmental Biology, she is starting to write for an online health website and interested in pursuing a career in medical/science writing.
Elie Dolgin is associate editor at The Scientist
Chris Nicolini is the Web Producer and Editor for the American Institute of Physics
Pamela Reynolds is a Graduate Student in the Biology Department at UNC.

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  1. And I’m missing it–can’t take off and drive to North Carolina every year! Have fun, everyone!