ScienceOnline09 – virtual participation

It’s here. The first traveling participants are arriving tomorrow! Anywhere between 200 and 240 people are expected at any given time during the three days of the conference, with another 60+ people, regrettably, remaining on the waitlist even after some last-minute cancellations allowed us to invite a couple of dozen waitlisted folks. The waitlisted locals are welcome to add their names to extra events, e.g., meals or lab tours if there are empty slots remaining, just to meet the participants face-to-face if they want to.
Those who will be here in person will get to meet each other in Real Life. But others can also participate and follow from the distance in various ways. The Demos will be screencast and most of the sessions will be either live-streamed or recorded and all the videos will be deposited or linked to somewhere on the wiki. More details about this later.
Throughout the conference, your best starting point will be the Live Coverage page which will be enriched over the next day or two to provide more content.
There will be ongoing discussions on Facebook, on FriendFeed and Twitter (use the scio09 hashtag).
Tag your Flickr images with scio09 as well.
If you blog about it, made sure that there is a term or link to somewhere in your post, so I can find it and, whenever I can, add it to the Blog and Media Coverage page.
And finally, don’t forget that each session has its own wiki page where discussion is supposed to take place.

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