Best of January

I know, I know, it’s middle of February, but I was busy and neglected my duties. So, to catch up with the monthly feature, here is the best of January at A Blog Around The Clock:
Of course, the entire month was dominated by ScienceOnline’09, so the rest of posts were mostly quick links, cartoons and YouTube videos, which is, I hope, understandable. But I did write, post facto, some of my own coverage of the conference, e.g., ScienceOnline09 – Thursday, ScienceOnline’09 – Friday Morning Coffee Cupping, ScienceOnline’09 – Friday Lab Tour: the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, ScienceOnline’09 – WiSE Lacks Shanties, ScienceOnline’09 – Saturday 9am, ScienceOnline’09 – Saturday 10:15am, ScienceOnline’09 – Saturday 11:30am, ScienceOnline’09 – Saturday 2pm, and on the organization of an Unconference, ScienceOnline’09 – Saturday 3:15pm – Blog carnivals and Thank them – they made ScienceOnline’09 possible. And then, there was a very nice article about ScienceOnline09 in BioTechniques.
We revealed the winners – the posts that will appear in The Open Laboratory 2008 and teased you with the cover.
Christina Pikas showed some research on science blogging communities in The Structure of Scientific Blogolutions!
Overlords asked, so we answered: What is science’s rightful place?
Then I had fun with a bad science journalist in Graham Lawton Was Wrong.
And, in a post that comes closest to “science blogging” as narrowly defined, I showed some X-ray images of my dog.


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