‘Ooops – condom broke!’ – tell the Scientist!

You must have been sleeping if you have missed SciCurious’ post Friday Weird Science: Condoms and ‘Blunt Puncture’ the other day. If you missed it – go now and read it.
But, the comment section also produced the idea that Sci should do an anonymous survey of the readers who have experienced condom breakage so she can do the analysis targeting the questions/factors not considered by the original article she blogged aboout, make a cute graph or two, and generally have a good excuse to blog about this topic yet again 😉
So, now you need to do the survey. A couple of minutes of your time and it’s fun. And it’s all for the sake of science!!!


One response to “‘Ooops – condom broke!’ – tell the Scientist!

  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Bora! Dave has taken over the survey because it got too big for my account, the new link is here: Click Here to take survey
    Thanks so much!