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RT @ljthornton Students: Roughly 2 hours of tweets from “student living in Tehran,” 22: http://bit.ly/wVpJl
#CNNFail: Twitterverse slams network’s Iran absence. http://tr.im/osmp (via @jayrosen_nyu)
@HowardKurtz Hours and hours of ….talking to the camera revealing no useful information?
@HowardKurtz perhaps CNN and its audience have very different ideas of what is reporting, what is useful information, what is coverage.
@jason_pontin If CNN International was reporting, and CNN USA was not – what despicable contempt for American audience!
Searched Twitter for BoraZ: http://tinyurl.com/6h75qq
Searched Twitter for CNN International: http://tinyurl.com/lvfkp2
@jason_pontin Obviously not: US audience is very angry right now. Also knowing how Amanpour lied in every sentence from Bosnia – don’t trust
@HowardKurtz why anyone cares about his endless rant? Is THAT reporting? Useless information: #CNNFail
@jason_pontin No data, but see Twitter anger, see blogs, talk to neighbors. Can you quantify – you have the tools I don’t.
@jason_pontin Unfortunately, Amanpour has good reputation in the USA because nobody here reported (that’s before WWW) she lied every day.
@jason_pontin They cannot ignore the most vocal and broad-reaching subset of the audience any more. It spreads from online -> offline: bad!
@jason_pontin There is a day off in the world of news?
@jason_pontin Oh, I see. I though it was something automated, online as well as part of the news organizations.
@jason_pontin don’t know that website, but the gist of that article is correct. She was not alone: Peter Jennings was worse and he was comfy
Silent for 17 hours: @tehranelection stream is something to check out and hope it comes back soon with more #iranelection news
RT @StevenZimm: Satellite jamming of BBC TV and radio feeds by Iran reported http://tr.im/osOF
Via @jason_pontin Learn about Amanpour http://bit.ly/KlBNu Do you trust her? I quit trusting her in early 1990s
1/3 When we demonstrated against Milosevic, we cheered CNN for being the only foreign media reporting from the scene
2/3 A couple of years later, CNN was deemed 4th party in the war with the likes of Amanpour triggering breaks of ceasefires & ruining talks
3/3 Since then, I do not trust CNN on anything. Always double-check with trusted bloggers.
@susana71 That was 1991. Oh, how things change! #CNNFail
Searched Twitter for #CNNFail: http://tinyurl.com/m774hp
RT everybody: Dear CNN, Please Check Twitter for News About Iran (Marshall Kirkpatrick/ReadWriteWeb) http://bit.ly/d2Etp #cnnfail
Searched Twitter for HowardKurtz : http://tinyurl.com/nb5jox
RT @ohkirsten RT @jdickerson: Angry calls from Iranian authorities to Twitter. Block function not working. http://tr.im/osWV #IranElection
RT @gladysCJ Blog with all the pictures and videos on #iranElection not shown on television or newspaper http://www.iran101.blogspot.com/
RT @Scobleizer This photo should win Pulitzer Prize. I never expected to see photos like this come out of Iran. Amazing: http://ff.im/3XNSW
Teheran on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mousavi1388/
Searched Twitter for #iranelection: http://tinyurl.com/lkoew3
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RT @TCorp Twitter users launch unpresidented human DDoS attack bringing down at least 3 major Iranian hardliner websites. Go Twitter!
RT @TCorp Plz go2 http://bit.ly/9LWwq & http://bit.ly/4y3eM & http://bit.ly/mth1M then just leave them open. DDoS 4 Freedom
RT @TCorp Pictures of the riots going on in Tehran right NOW as NOT seen on CNN http://tanin.nl/qIDW #IranElections #CNNFail
RT @davewiner: Iranians on Twitter during the june clashes. http://tr.im/ot4X
RT @Scobleizer The day Twitter kicked CNN’s behind & @ev bought me a whisky http://ff.im/3XKbG
Video from Tehran: http://bit.ly/Fvbc9
RT @joshwolf: Iran’s latest assault on the press tells me the election was likely rigged. http://tinyurl.com/kkehbw
#iremember when CNN was there when Milosevic rolled tanks at us in 1991. Where is #CNNFail today? #iranelection
Iranian twitterers to follow: http://tr.im/ot4X
RT @manymanypeople Youtube now removing videos of protests and beatings in iran. #iranelection #youtubefail
RT @Ornette303: post videos on http://www.liveleak.com #iranelection #cnnfail #youtubefail
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@MaverickNY This will have to be figured out over the next day or two or more. But images and videos are hard to fake this fast!
@MaverickNY which is why I do not RT statements, but link to potentially trustworthy sources and interesting responses to the phenomenon.
RT @Dereklowe To my followers – my Iranian wife and I will be updating translated reports on the Iranian unrest via Twitter
If Twitter goes down, my record remains: #CNNFail #youtubefail #iranelection http://tinyurl.com/ng6ry9
RT @MaverickNY RT @cdn @melissapierce: Amazing Iran real time aggregator http://iran.twazzup.com
RT @BayNewser mediabistro/BayNewser’s take on what went wrong with #CNNFail (lessons @ end) http://bit.ly/SCHxp
RT @mlshapiro: Oh dear. RT @owillis: #cnnfail illustrated. http://bit.ly/222oR2 (expand) Fox and MSNBC spanked as well.
I am already wearing green today: RT @irb123: RT @Robot117 PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD: WEAR GREEN TOMORROW #iranelection #cnnfail
Amir http://friendfeed.com/amirpix is taking pictures and videos in Tehran
RT @Robot117 GOOD BLOG from inside Iran http://tehranlive.org/ #iranelection #cnnFAIL
@BrianR under the rubric of “plausible” or “interesting” – verification will have to come later – the speed of news is of essence first.
2/2 @BrianR in order to force the MSM to start paying attention or face loss of face
@BrianR I am also mainly focusing on image/video and interesting aggregators, not individual pieces of unverifiable information, for now.
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RT @Katrinskaya”You Deserve To Die!”: According to a Tehranbureau report riot police now shooting http://tinyurl.com/mab6p8 (via @dailydish)
RT @dailydish A Time-Line Of The Coup: A fascinating account of the events by Muhammad Sahimi: http://tinyurl.com/kpxrtd
Rebooting The News: http://rebootnews.com/ http://friendfeed.com/clique-with-claque @rebootnews tonight, including #CNNFail #iranelection
RT @CityCountryMe wondering why #cnnfail but not #foxfail? Nobody believes Fox news is credible to begin with.
RT @StopTheDictator @donlemoncnn Excellent job selecting only pro-CNN tweets in your segment on #iranelection. #CNNFail #5 trend on twitter.
RT @PeggyHovsepian Victory: CNN responds to #cnnfail campaign http://bit.ly/15ROVX (via @huffingtonpost)
RT @PCZ RT @simoncolumbus: my list of english-language twitterers inside iran now sorted by cities: http://is.gd/11Z0q #iranelection
I thought CNN was rich enough to employ 3rd shift reporters: http://twitter.com/HowardKurtz/status/2168981940 need a nap? #CNNFail
RT @LanceMannion Informed Comment: Class v. Culture Wars in Iranian Elections: Rejecting Charges of North Tehran Fallacy http://shar.es/pAeY
RT @jasonblogz #cnnfail hashtag represents more than what it was created for. cnn is responding. it represents the influence of social media
RT @tinomen71 CNN making excuses about difficulty getting reliable info from Iran- info may be limited, but that doesn’t make it a non-story
@klustout Iran coverage by CNN International and NOT by CNN USA is a spit in the face of US viewers. We are not sheep. #CNNFail
RT @annajjohnson CNN fails because they think Twitter is a tool they can wield. They never expected it to “work” w/o them. #CNNfail
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RT @GirlArchaeo @PhillyD Yes, many ARE internet sheep. But compare what @persiankiwi has to say vs. CNNs 12 hour old news! #CNNfail
RT @hermioneway Biggest Social Media Story yet? http://mashable.com/2009/06/14/cnnfail/ #cnnfail
@kevinsanders Learn about Amanpour http://bit.ly/KlBNu
RT @enzym RT @IranRiggedElect: HOW TO: Track Iran Election with Twitter and Social Media http://bit.ly/2BoqU #iranelection #cnnfail
RT @RisingHegemon @rosiered23 All news should be free! Gloat is wrong word, not happy about #cnnfail – media needs to address myopic probs
RT @palocortado CNN dropped the ball with #iranelection and now has a huge PR crisis on its hands #cnnfail
@schingler You can help – check out instructions by @TCorp
@alwayzThinking Oh, IMPT means ‘important’. At first read I thought you meant “impotent” LOL
RT @SunKimbra I’d go check out CNN to flesh out twitter news #cnnfail but last few times they just read tweets on air & called it news..
RT @newjorg @iocat Amanpour was invited to the election “win” conference But NBC ABC French TV cameras confiscated BBC kicked out. #CNNfail
RT @newjorg Reporters without Borders: don’t recognize this undemocratic election. http://bit.ly/24yxD #iranelection
RT @BluegrassPundit There is a revolution in Iran and CNN is doing a fluff interview with Axelrod about Obama’s Normady visit. #cnnfail
RT @SpaceyG Iranian students are posting pictures of their injured. Dead? http://entesabat88.persianb… #IranElection #cnnfail
“unlike Western journalists that later arrived on the scene, the locals were familiar with the context” http://tinyurl.com/djbb8w #CNNFail
RT @Ghattavi Many newspapers were blank today as there were nothing to say… and some people even bought them for support #iranelection
RT @Reachg: bring Irans online live TV website down from spreading propaganda http://tinyurl.com/m6o3bg #iranelection
RT @RawStory: Obama addresses Iranians in video. http://tinyurl.com/ns9xwm #iranelection http://bit.ly/UjrFJ
Most succinct compliment to my tweeting of #iranelection #CNNFail: http://bit.ly/RaMMF way fewer than 140chs
RT @smileofcrash #iranelection poor girl….:(( http://bit.ly/10MN4s
RT @drisis @JoshMPlant: Great new video about the #iranelection by @realjohngreen. http://bit.ly/D48w9 “Ahmadinejad is a douchenozzle”
RT @parinaz encounter with riot police http://bit.ly/Ncdoc #iranelection
RT @JenniferRose21: Another #iranelection resource: Global Voices has in country reports, photos, video: http://bit.ly/caMrN
RT @LTCiaccio Iranians: report to http://www.herdict.org/ which sites you cannot access – they aggregate info on blocked sites #iranelection
I hear that @huffingtonpost has the BEST live blog of happenings, video, 1st person accounts, photos from #iranelection http://is.gd/124ka
RT @Ali_Davis Mind-blowing to learn about #iranelection through intense personal accounts on Twitter. The oldest form of news, 1000X faster.
@HowardKurtz It took 48 hours of #CNNfail outrage for you to wake up and be a tad better than the competition?
RT @ValerioVeo: Just when you thought Twitter was a fad – along comes Iran. Follow #iranelection and watch a political uprising unfold …
Repeat for the evening crew – a good look at Twitter vs. CNN on #iranelection http://tinyurl.com/muw3fc
RT @krisaloma When will organizations (CNN) realize consumers aren’t comparing them to their competitors, but to consumers’ expectations?
RT @TAC_NISO Difficult to call networked communication a fad when conversations turn away from {food} & turns toward political uprising
RT @Theremina Iranian-American human rights lawyer friend “Twitter doing much better job of explaining everything than media.” #iranelection
RT @DruidSmith @jeremymeyers @persiankiwi #iranelection just talked to my friend in Tehran, she said people are chanting “Obama help us!”
RT @crawlspace The NYTimes has an article on CNN’s non-existent Iran coverage http://tinyurl.com/lu79mp #iranelection
RT @RattlePop Iranians turn digital smugglers in battle for information despite depleted phone & internet http://bit.ly/rwzTK #IranElection
do I have another green shirt for tomorrow or do I need to wash overnight the one I wore all day today?
Q1: How did Twitter force the MSM to start paying attention to #iranelection ?
Q2: How much did Twitter as a source get people to talk to offline friends about #iranelection and spread the news outside Twitterverse?
How Rick Springfield Led Me To The Plight Of Mousavi’s Iranian Supporters http://tinyurl.com/l8bssz by @AlBren #iranelection
RT @ChrisVanPatten We get an opportunity to experience the world through their eyes – something far more visceral than what CNN can offer
RT @gransome Twitterers keep tweeting. MSM has to play catch up sometime this week. They’ll be getting their updates from us. #iranelection
RT @ToasterSunshine I wouldn’t have known it was even happening without Twitter since I don’t watch TV. Twitter informed me to inform others
RT @robinc913 From Gawker: “Twitter was in midst of handing CNN its proverbial ass” http://tinyurl.com/kpcoan #iranelection #cnnfail
RT @CNNfaildotcom Visit http://CNNfail.com to read #CNNfail real-time tweets
RT @HowardKurtz My take on how Twitter power: http://tinyurl.com/no5ocq So why doesn’t CNN get it?
Collection of online sources on #iranelection on BBC: http://bit.ly/Rhp5M
RT @TEDchris MSM v Twitter debate: Richard Sambrook, voice of common sense at BBC http://is.gd/12uWv via @aknock
Kristof: Iran’s Crossroads http://bit.ly/FUBWH
RT @jayrosen_nyu: For a spectacular curmudgeon star turn by a pro journalist on the TV, scroll to DOYEL http://tr.im/ov9y Proudly ignorant.
RT @Katrinskaya #iranelection social media aggregation at http://netvibes.com/iranelection & mobile http://winksite.mobi/iran/election
RT @dorothycrenshaw What #CNNFail Protests Say About The Relationship B/t Old and New Media (per @poniewozik) http://snipr.com/k5qqr
Tweeting #iranelection (as a non-journo) avoid unverifiable facts, point to good links, media analysis, interesting people, Zeitgeist-tweets
“what establishment journalists typically call “reporting” is nothing of the sort.” Interview w/@glenngreenwald http://tr.im/oxLa
RT @Katrinskaya And one more time, because it’s great: Video from today: http://bit.ly/62y2g #iranelection
RT @persiankiwi: pictures of today – http://twitpic.com/7gtbu. #Iranelection
RT @zentronix So again the Tiananmen question: What if the Iranian people take democracy further than Mousavi or Karoubi would?
Iran election and international media update http://bit.ly/YsFL3
RT @jayrosen_nyu Coping w/ flood of data from Iran? @marcambinder Approach it as an analyst for CIA would http://bit.ly/7YWAf #iranelection
RT @rhibowman Twitter Calls Out CNN, But Kurtz Misses The Boat (Fishbowl) http://bit.ly/YTNg1
RT @xarker @GregMitch: Andrew Sullivan, once a skeptic, just begged Twitter not to go down tonite because it’s “so needed” on Iran crisis.
Social Networking Technology and the Documentation of History http://tinyurl.com/nfr6et by @drisis #scibling #CNNfail #iranelection

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  1. There’s much more where that came from. Follow hashtags and Iranians.

  2. i wonder if there is anyway to actually re-count the votes, or if Iran has a mechanism to allow for that

  3. I can see that Twitter is useful, but do we have to see a recap on your blog??

  4. Unfortunately – in this crisis no matter who wins Iran, democracy and freedom loses…
    Mousavi and Ahmedinejad are cut from the same radical, Islamist cloth.