Any Photographers Out There?

Sheril is asking for pictures to serve as illustrations for her upcoming Kissing Book:

Have you ever taken a picture of bears nuzzling in the field or kissing fish? How about a provocative pair of human subjects? (With their permission!) Are you interested in having an image credited to you in a science book debuting next Fall? If you’re a photographer with interesting pictures of kissing and cuddling [no higher than PG-13 content please], email me before September 14 at


One response to “Any Photographers Out There?

  1. Do kissing dogs count? my little blue healer always gnaws on her big brother’s lips. Big brother is a yellow lab.
    There is also a great Tom Mangelsen Photo of two polar bears singing to each other and they look like they are about to kiss.
    He even has one called “Polar Kiss” might be a little expensive to get the rights to one of those though. I’ll see what I can do. I just acquired a new camera and tripod and am itching to use it.
    just looked it up the Mangelsen Photo I was thinking of is titled “wind song” my brother has a huge print in his living room – AWESOME