Send Grrrrl to Antarctica

There are only a couple of days left. Some competitors have already asked their supporters to switch their vote from them to Grrrl. Right now, she is the only real science blogger with a chance to actually win this. So, if you have not voted yet, or voted for someone else, go vote now. Just click here right now, register (simple and quick) and vote.

2 responses to “Send Grrrrl to Antarctica

  1. I shall cast my vote now.

  2. I said it before, but you get more traffic than I do, so I will say it again:
    To GrrlScientist:
    Go, blog for me, and be my eyes
    And ears, beneath Antarctic skies,
    Where colonies of penguins dwell
    (Creating quite a rancid smell).
    And you will sit upon the ice
    And snow, and blog in words concise
    By rugged glaciers, icy shelves,
    For us, who can’t be there ourselves.
    And I will read your priceless posts
    And offer you a thousand toasts,
    To health and heart, to pen and ink,
    Whatever gift I chance to think.
    I’ll wish I could be there to see
    The wonders that you write for me,
    So eloquent your vivid prose
    I’ll feel the cold wind as it blows.
    Such alien and foreign climes
    Are too much work to cast in rhymes:
    If you have schemes you would devise
    Then blog for me and be my eyes.
    The penguins there will sing and dance:
    “GrrlScientist has won the chance!”
    To friends up North, you’ll say good-byes,
    And blog for us, and be our eyes.