ScienceOnline2010 – introducing the participants

Registration is now closed – we are full!! You can see the entire list of registrants if you go and click here. To sign up for the waitlist, please use this form.
So, let me continue introducing the participants, those lucky 225 who managed, in less than four days, to grab a spot on the roster.
Joanne Manaster teaches histology in the department of Cell and Developmental Biology, and mammalian cell culture techniques and the concepts of stem cells and tissue engineering in the Bioengineering Department at University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.
You can learn much more about Joanne, her fascinating life story, and especially about her outreach activities, on her About page. Check out her blog, follow her on Twitter and check out her YouTube science channel – here is her latest video:

At the conference, Joanne will do a short Ignite-style talk “My “Little Black Book of Scientists I Love”, and a demo “Characteristics of Science Popularizers”.
Christopher Perrien is an Internet Strategist at IBM here in the Research Triangle Park. He runs the Science In The Triangle site, has his own blog and can also be found on Twitter.
At the conference, Christopher will do a demo of science apps for iPhone – “Science and the mobile device”.
Melissa Anley-Mills is the ORD News Director at the US EPA (Office of Research + Development), also here in the Triangle, where she also runs their Greenversations blog.
Melissa also tweets for EPA Research.
Jennifer Montague works at BioCytics, a research and development company also here in North Carolina, focusing on personalized medicine.
Lisa Sullivan is a writer and consultant. One of the developers of the MyNC project for the local NBC station, Lisa now runs her own SulComPR marketing firm, writes a blog and tweets.

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