ScienceOnline2010 – introducing the participants

Aaron Rowe is a PhD student in biochemistry at UCSB and a blogger for Wired Science. I interviewed Aaron last year, right after our second, 2008, meeting.
If you see soychemist on Twitter, that’s him! At ScienceOnline2010, Aaron will do an Ignite-style inspirational talk “SARS, Drugs, and Biosensors”.
Molly Keener, also a veteran of all the ScienceOnline conferences in the past, is the Reference Librarian in the Coy C. Carpenter Library at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and runs their news blog.
David Whitlock is familiar to the regular readers of this blog as well as many other blogs as a frequent commenter under the nym ‘daedalus2u’. He is the Chief Technical Officer at Nitroceutic, LLC. His blog is Stranger than you can imagine and….don’t get him started on the topic of Nitric Oxide.
Sarah Edwards is a chemical biologist and science writer & educator. She is Coordinating and Editing at AWIS Magazine, works as substitute teacher at Saint Mary’s School & Ravenscroft School in Raleigh, volunteers at North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and blogs at Sarah’s Science.
Fenella Saunders, another veteran of our meetings, is the senior editor of American Scientist, the magazine of Sigma Xi and my favourite popular science magazine. Fenella is also a co-author of Popular Science’s Space 2100: To Mars and Beyond in the Century to Come.
You can see the list of everyone who’s registered here.

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