The Piano Stairway (video)

An awesome experiment in Stockholm, Sweden where students changed stairs in a subway station into a piano:

And? More people started using the stairs than the escalator! It’s just more fun!

7 responses to “The Piano Stairway (video)

  1. pertty cool. I wonder how long it takes people to habituate and start picking the escalator again. Combining long term data with something like face recognition would be really cool.

  2. hmmm… maybe this could make a dent in the US’ obesity problem….

  3. Aw, I’d use it. Even if I were tired and stressed, I’d take to the stairs if it made a cheery noise with every footfall. That would do more to alleviate my exhaustion than a trip up the escalator.

  4. I love this campaign. Definitely gonna use this video, and the rest of the VW/Tribal DBB campaign, to inspire my anthropology project at UCL.

  5. With more ideas like this- the energy problem would be solved

  6. Excellent! I want one in Toronto!

  7. online piano course

    .., awesome!!! I wish I could try the piano stairs… 🙂