Tweetlinks, 11-08-09

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Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad
Download PLoS Article Level Metrics from
Slow Science gets the Shaft – Part I
Internet Antichrist
Why did our species survive the Neanderthals? and Were Neanderthals our enemies or lovers?
The Internet Is a Weird and Wonderful Place
DPAC first-year numbers exceed expectations many times over in profitable start
Google Wave vs Twitter at conferences
Is Your Employer Betting on Your Death? (video) and story and the definition of dead peasant insurance.
Acknowledging Obama’s failures
Some Thoughts on Historians and Contemporary Anti-evolutionism.
Are you game for new way of learning? and Conspiracy Code – Course Overview and 360ed.
Hitting Woman Is Not Ok, Unless You Are Muslim
Synthetic Biology Competition
Wal-Mart bans gay couple for NOT shoplifting
Paul Carr wrote a stupid piece of curmudgeonry: After Fort Hood, another example of how ‘citizen journalists’ can’t handle the truth which motivated several good rebuttals: Tweeting from the scene: Citizen journalism or ‘tragi-porn’? and Citizen journalism: I’ll take it, flaws and all and Killing straw men. In the same curmudgeounly vein – see Don’t Tweet On Me. And on similar topics: Walking The Story Back, Why the mainstream media is dying and Toward a Slow-News Movement.

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  1. Bora, I love you but this is absolutely unsatisfying content for a blog. Do yourself a favor and unplug for a couple of days and maybe even (gasp) read a book.