The Amazing Bouncing Pebble Toad (video)

Seen on DeLene’s Facebook wall….

6 responses to “The Amazing Bouncing Pebble Toad (video)

  1. Some life lessons for all of us, huh? WOW!

  2. Fascinating video! Thanks for sharing Coturnix!

  3. looks a little dizzy at the end.

  4. Wow, what are the chances they would have a high speed camera set up beside the pond right when a toad tumbled down the mountain? Or interstitial cameras along the way?

  5. jimspice — Thought the same thing when I saw it! Me thinks they set the animals up for a “chance” encounter after installing their cameras. Still, pretty neat that they captured it (or captured portions and stitched it together).

  6. Oh, this is certainly all set up. It may have taken a few days to film all the segments. That frog probably flipped many times down that slope (or, if not all the way down, a few times along each little segment of the slope). None of this negates the amazing behavior. It just takes time and skill to capture it and sheer luck won’t cut in a case like this.