The Open Laboratory 2009 – one of the very lastest calls for submission!

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Reminder: Deadline is December 1st at midnight EST!
Here are the submissions for OpenLab 2009 to date (under the fold). You can buy the 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions at Please use the submission form to add more of your and other people’s posts (remember that we are looking for original poems, art, cartoons and comics, as well as essays):
Make sure that the submitted posts are possible (and relatively easy) to convert into print. Posts that rely too much on video, audio, color photographs, copyrighted images, or multitudes of links just won’t do.

10 days of science: Astronomical art: Representing Planet Earth
2020 Science: Hooked on science – ten things that inspired me to become a scientist
A Blog Around The Clock: On Being a Nurse- a guest post
A Blog Around The Clock: Why social insects do not suffer from ill effects of rotating and night shift work?
A Blog Around The Clock: Circadian Rhythm of Aggression in Crayfish
A Blog Around The Clock: Co-Researching spaces for Freelance Scientists?
A Blog Around The Clock: The Shock Value of Science Blogs
A Blog Around The Clock: Defining the Journalism vs. Blogging Debate, with a Science Reporting angle
A Hot Cup of Joe: Artificial Cranial Modification: Trephination
A Hot Cup of Joe: Artificial Cranial Modification: Head Shaping
a k8, a cat, a mission: Moms asking for help
a k8, a cat, a mission: What does good mentorship look like?
a k8, a cat, a mission: Praise and Appreciation
a k8, a cat, a mission: Proximate mechanisms
a k8, a cat, a mission: The lives of women in science
A Primate of Modern Aspect: Ganlea megacanina: Saki of the Eocene
A Primate of Modern Aspect: She has her father’s coat, and her mother’s testosterone
A Posteriori: Relativity and the Electromagnetic field
A Schooner of Science: Chemistry of Kissing
A Schooner of Science: Dandelions a Natural Source of Latex
A Schooner of Science: Frankenstein’s Monster
A Schooner of Science: Effects of Alcohol – Why You Shouldn’t Drink on an Empty Stomach
A simple prop: The Roots of ID
A Stubborn Mule’s Perspective: Deleveraging and Australian Property Prices
A Wonderful Day for Anthropology: Neither Man Nor Woman: The Hijras of India
Aardvarchaeology: The Knowledge of the Ancients
Aardvarchaeology: Making the Archaeological Record
Aardvarchaeology: Open Source Dendrochronology
Aardvarchaeology: Digging at the Finnestorp War Booty Sacrificial Site
Adventures in Ethics and Science: How does salt melt snails?
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Vaccine refuseniks are free-riders.
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Impediments to dialogue about animal research (part 2)., Adventures in Ethics and Science: Impediments to dialogue about animal research (part 3). and Adventures in Ethics and Science: Impediments to dialogue about animal research (part 4). fused into one.
AK’s Rambling Thoughts: The Nature of the Neocortex
Ambivalent Academic: Some days I want to kick Science in the teeth
Ambivalent Academic: What exactly am I ambivalent about? Part I
Ambivalent Academic: What exactly am I ambivalent about? Part Deux
Ambivalent Academic: Motivation: what works and what doesn’t
Anna’s Bones: Stripped, Part II – ‘The Aquiline Nose’
Archetype: Richard Owen’s archetype
Archetype: Homology Weekly: Tentorial Pits
Archetype: Homology Weekly: Metapleural Gland
Archetype: Homology Weekly: Clypeus
Archetype: Homology Weekly: Petiole, Postpetiole and ‘Tubulation’
Archetype: Homology (Bi)Weekly: Dentiform Labral Setae
Archy: Zombies of the mammoth steppes
Archy: Fragments of my research – VIII
Archy: A mammoth literary mystery
Archy: A very brief history of plagiarism
Archy: The intellectual dishonesty of Allan Quist
Archy: Quist, Antarctica, and all that
Archy: Mammoth on ice
Archy: Mammoth illustrations
Archy: Where’s my mammelephant?
Archy: The first great mammoth
Archy: Mastodon nightmares
Articulate Matter: Proper Lab Technique (original art)
Astroblog: Galileos’ DNA, and different forms of Blindness
The Astronomist: This is just to say (poem)
The Astronomist: Hubble Ultra Deep Field Part 2
The Astronomist: Caustics
The Austringer: Another Look at Law and Theory
Backreaction: The Variational Principle
The Beagle Project Blog: What is the difference between HMS Beagle and RMS Titanic?
The Beagle Project Blog: Cosmopithecus (guest post by astronaut Mike Barrat)
The Beagle Project Blog: The new Beagle: a flagship for science in a new age of sail
Bench TwentyOne: Aspatame and Audrey
Bench TwentyOne: Erm, does anyone have any new antibitoics?
Bench TwentyOne: Ur-ine trouble if you’ve been eating asparagus
Bench TwentyOne: Tom Kuhn and his Paradigm shifts
The Bernoulli Trial: How to talk back to a statistic
Beyond the Short Coat: Hard Conversations: Vaccines and Autism, Part 1
Beyond the Short Coat: Starting off strong
Beyond the Short Coat: Bittersweet
The Big Blog Theory: S03E04: The Pirate Solution
Biochemical Soul: Darwin and the Heart of Evolution
BioLOG: Publish or Perish: Writing Strategies
Birds and Science: Caged budgerigars and invasive parakeets
Birds and Science: How do huge bird colonies synchronize?
Birds and Science: Fight and coordination in bird duets
Birds and Science: The magic of a dancing flock of starlings
Birds and Science: Bird moult allometry
Birds and Science: Feather mites and God?
Brontossauros em meu Jardim: Navigation is required*: the incredible case of the desert ant
Bruceleeeowe’s Blog: Oh…. Earth is Haunted!
Bruceleeeowe’s Blog: Review On Time Machine Plans
Bruceleeeowe’s Blog: Credibility of Ancient Astronauts Hypothesis
Bruceleeeowe’s Blog: Structure of Universe: Is It Correct?
Bruceleeeowe’s Blog: String Theory Cosmology: Review
Bruceleeeowe’s Blog: Before the Big Bang..?
Bruceleeeowe’s Blog: Extra Dimensions in Newtonian Gravity
Bruceleeeowe’s Blog: Review On Some Of The Most Popular Mysteries And Conspiracies
Bug Girl’s Blog: Are there roaches in your coffee and chocolate?
Bug Girl’s Blog: Cochineal: it’s a bug AND a feature!
Building Blogs of Science: Not just a pretty face: The facial ruff of barn owls and sound localisation
Building Blogs of Science: On the instinct in the cockroach
Building Blogs of Science: How is human noise affecting the environment?
Byte Size Biology: Glowing like a horse
Byte Size Biology: Skin flick
Byte Size Biology: Skin Flick 2: Statistic Boogaloo
Byte Size Biology: The Incredible Shrinking Genome
Byte Size Biology: The new natural history
Byte Size Biology: Science 2.0: things that work and things that don’t
Byte Size Biology: Distant homology and being a little pregnant
CABI Blogs: Hand Picked…and Carefully Sorted: We caught malignant malaria from chimpanzees — but when exactly?
CABI Blogs: Hand Picked…and Carefully Sorted: Forest destruction threatens Kenya’s economy
CABI Blogs: Hand Picked … and Carefully Sorted: Trees on farms – area twice the size of the Amazon
CABI Blogs: Hand Picked … and Carefully Sorted: What would catastrophic climate change involve?
Canadian Girl Postdoc in America: Slow Science gets the Shaft – Part I
Canadian Girl Postdoc in America: The Gaza Strip of Graduate School
Canadian Girl Postdoc in America: Science’s true tragedy
Canadian Girl Postdoc in America: The Value of Science in Canada
Catalogue of Organisms: Define ‘Published’
Catalogue of Organisms: Amoeba: Much Wierder than You Think
Catalogue of Organisms: Crossing the Algal Divide
Catalogue of Organisms: The Really Abominable Mystery
Catalogue of Organisms: Before the Word for World was Forest
Caribbean Paleobiology: From land to sea
Cheese Grits: Being Green
Cheese Grits: First Robin of Spring
Chemical Engineering For Life: Plastics
Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster: The Spaghetti Constant
Ciências e Ideias: Hi… come here often?
The Clean Industrial Revolution: Where Does Andrew Bolt Get Book Sales From?
Cognitive Daily: Super-recognizers: people with an amazing ability to recognize faces
Cognitive Daily: How wrong is it to use a kitten for personal sexual pleasure? Depends on whether you’ve washed your hands
Cognitive Daily: Does faking amnesia permanently distort your memory?
Cognitive Daily: ‘Free choice’ may not be as free as it seems
Cognitive Daily: We’re more likely to behave ethically when we see rivals behaving badly
Cosmic Variance: The Grid of Disputation
Coyote Crossing: Spermophilus
Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal: Shed A Tear For The Cryosphere
Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal: The Case of The Missing Sun Spots
Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal: A Profound Quote From Carl Sagan
Data Not Shown: Gene angst: finding a DNA barcode for plants
Data Not Shown: Why Darwinius is not our ancestor
Dave Hone’s Archosaur Musings: Media tracking
Deep Sea News: Biodiversity Pt. 1: Richness vs. Evenness or What Kinds Of Beer Are In My Refrigerator
Deep Sea News: Deep-corals are world’s oldest animal
Deep Sea News: More Mercury Deeper
Deep Sea News: Deep Sea Corals and Methane Seeps
Deep Sea News: DSN’s 7 Simple Rules for Marine Conservation Expedition Safety
The Descent of Brain: ‘And through strange aeons, even Death may die’
Digital Cuttlefish: Science Is Cephalopod (poem and cartoon)
Digital Cuttlefish: Selection Favours Prepared Cephalapod (poem and cartoon)
Discovering Biology in a Digital World: How NOT to encourage diversity in the scientific community
The Dispersal of Darwin: Evolution Quote Mining in the 19th-Century
Dot Physics: The development of the atomic model
Dot Physics: The physics of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk
Dot Physics: Error propagation and the distance to the sun
Dot Physics: The price of a piece of LEGO
Dot Physics: When the centrifugal force is the centripetal force
The Dragon’s Tales: The KT Extinction: The Day the Sky Fell
Drawing Flies: Grey Marker Frenzy (cartoon)
Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde: Things I learned in grad school 4: Thinking vs doing
Dr. Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde: The cost of a paper
Ed Boyden’s blog: Civilization as Experiment
Ed Boyden’s Blog: The Singularity and the Fixed Point
Effect Measure: Human seasonal H1N1 flu in Giant Anteaters
Effect Measure: More on the science of the ‘cytokine storm’
Effect Measure: Why the epidemiology of swine flu matters
Effect Measure: Mutation found in swine flu virus; what does it mean?
Effect Measure: Swine flu this fall: turbulence ahead
Effect Measure: The California swine flu cases
Effect Measure: Important flu paper on immune response
The End Of The Pier Show: Harry Potter and the Eponyms of Anatomy
The Ethical Palaeontologist: Back to the Jurassic
The Ethical Palaeontologist: The Woman Who Looks Back At Me
Evolutionary Novelties: The glamour of marine biology
Evolving Thoughts: Apes and evolution in the news
Evolving Thoughts: The Demon Spencer
Evolving Thoughts: Social dominance hierarchies
Evolving Thoughts: Tautology 1a: corrections
Expression Patterns: A Squishy Topic
Expression Patterns: Mr. Darwin, you make me blush
Expression Patterns: To science!
Faculty of 1000 blog: How many more times?
Faculty of 1000 blog: Strange news from a distant star
Faculty of 1000 blog: Who will fight for researchers’ rights?
Faculty of 1000 blog: Just like a woman
Female Science Professor: Start Seeing Micro-inequities
The Flying Trilobite: ‘Science-Chess Accommodating Religion’…contest! (original art)
Frontal Cortex: Smell and Memory Science publishing on the fast lane, plus optionally in journals
Geófagos: Carbon sequestration by soils
Geotripper: 10 Things a Geology Major Should Know (An Alternate View)
Geotripper: And the Old World Passed Away…A Geologic History of the Colorado Plateau
Going on a bear hunt…: BITE 2: The Cookie Crumbles
Greg Laden’s Blog: The Natural Basis for Inequality of the Sexes
Greg Laden’s Blog: Reflections on the Origin of Species
Highly Allochthonous: Is the Earth’s magnetic field about to flip?
Highly Allochthonous: The amazing disappearing asymmetric magnetic reversals
Highly Allochthonous: It’s official: we really have saved the ozone layer
Horatio Algeranon’s: Jabberbloggy (poem)
Horatio Algeranon’s: Stupid is as stupid does (poem)
Hydro365: Drilling on hard-rock aquifer: foothills of the Sierra Nevada
Hydro365: Locating high yield well in alluvial aquifer: Fresno-Clovis area
ICBS Everywhere: Clever Dave
ICBS Everywhere: Naughty Elmo
ICBS Everywhere: NCCAM = National Scam
ICBS Everywhere: B.S. for Christians… and I’m not talking about religion!
ICBS Everywhere: Even More BS for AntiVaxxers: Homeopathic Alternatives
ICBS Everywhere: B.S. for Type A Personalities: Visual Illusion B.S.
I, Editor: What I Think About When I Think About Manuscripts
The Intersection: Singled Out
Island of Doubt: Sea level rise a red herring?
Island of Doubt: What goes up must come down
It’s A Micro World After All: Ode To My Peer Reviews (poem)
I was lost but now I live here: The evolution of scientific impact
Jill S. Schneiderman: Contemplating Sabbatical
Laboratory for Evolutionary Endocrinology Blog: What does this anthropologist think about hormonal birth control? Part V
Lab Rat: Bacterial Photography
Lab Rat: Living without a cell wall…
Laelaps: Poor, poor Ida, Or: “‘Overselling an Adapid’
Laelaps: At long last, meet Ardipithecus ramidus
Language Log: Betting on the poor boy: Whorf strikes back
The Lay Scientist: Catching Snowflakes: The Media and Public Perceptions of Disease
The Lay Scientist: Guest Post: Reflections on the Realities of Measles
The Lay Scientist: Wasting 500 hours a month on Facebook. Or how not to use statistics.
The Leatherhosen Paradox: On David and Goliath…
Life is Good!: What will you be doing on September 9th, 2040 at 7:00 PM?
Lindsey Hoshaw: Watching the world pass by, one toilet seat at a time
Living the Scientific Life: Plumage Color Influences Choice of Mates and Sex of Chicks in Gouldian Finches, Erythrura gouldiae
Living the Scientific Life: Let’s Give Three Bronx Cheers for Bumblebees!
Living the Scientific Life: Dead Birds Do Tell Tales
Living the Scientific Life: When is a Honeyeater not a Honeyeater? The Tricks of Convergent Evolution
Less Wrong: Cached Selves
Less Wrong: The Apologist and the Revolutionary
Lounge of the Lab Lemming: A thirsty southern star
Lounge of the Lab Lemming: Asteroid 2008TC3 is now the Almahata Sitta meteorite
The MacGuffin: Topiramate Does Not Treat Alcohol Dependnece: Part 1
Made With Molecules: Hey Baby, what’s your AVPR1A like?
Mad Scientist, Junior: Pretty Pictures That Toaster Takes
The magic of computer science (The 2009 Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition): The user error that almost cost me my bike
Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets: An Interesting Patch of Quicksand
Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice, and Sunsets: Size Matters: The sequel
Marmorkrebs: Great moments in crayfish research: Before he was famous
Marmorkrebs: Great moments in crayfish research: Muscle receptor organs
Masks of Eris: Mathematics instruction as a fish
Mauka to Makai: The Hurdles of Nurdles
Mauka to Makai: Baby-Making
Mauka to Makai: Overfishing Simplified…Then Complexified
Mauka to Makai: Butt Litter
Mauka to Makai: Saving the Screwed
Mauka to Makai: Sperm Wars
Mental Indigestion: Anatomy of (preparing to write) a scientific paper…
Mental indigestion: The strength of great apes…
Mental indigestion: Mimicry: survival or flattery?…
Mental Indigestion: Holes in the ice…
Migrations: What Use is Half a Wing – Evolution of Flight
Mind the Gap: In which I ponder economies of scale
Mind the Gap: In which I tend a strange garden
Mind the Gap: In which I ramp up
Mind the Gap: In which I muster a hypothesis
Mind the Gap: In which I continue to suspend disbelief
Mind the Gap: In which the data back up our habitual suspicions
Mind the Gap: In which I wade through the fringes of textbook fact
Mind the Gap: In which I dally with both sides
Mind the Gap: In which I am given weird treasures
Mind the Gap: In which I confront the aging process
Mind the Gap: In which I remember where I was when I heard – or possibly not
Mind the Gap: In which I defend the editorial profession – belatedly
Mind the Gap: In which I revisit the dark arts
The Mind Wobbles: Attribution vs Citation: Do you know the difference? and Peanutbutter: Attribution vs Citation: Do you know the difference? in tandem.
More Grumbine Science: Science Jabberwocky
More Grumbine Science: Results on deciding trends
The Mouse Trap: Action-selection and Attention-allocation: a common problem and a common solution?
The Mouse Trap: The Default Brain Network: implications for Autism and Schizophrenia
The Mouse Trap: The Varieties of Altruistic Experiences
The Mouse Trap: Psychosis and Salience dysregulation
The Mouse Trap: The bipolar phenotype: Excessive self-regulatory focus?
The Mouse Trap: Self relevance and the reality-fictional blur
The Mouse Trap: Evidence for heightened Agency in Schizophrenia
The Mouse Trap: Cultural differences are Vodoo correlations: I beg to differ
The Mouse Trap: Low Mood and Risk Aversion: a poor State outcome?
The Mouse Trap: What it is like to be a zombie?
The Mouse Trap: Major conscious and unconscious processes in the brain: part 4: the easy problem of A-consciousness
The Mouse Trap: Major conscious and unconscious processes in the brain
The Mr Science Show: The curse of the duck
The Mr Science Show: Correlation of the Week: Eclipses and the economy
The Mr Science Show: Sumo vs Chess – how their ranking systems work
The Mr Science Show: Correlation of the Week: Zombies, Vampires, Democrats and Republicans
The Mr Science Show: Correlation of the Week: Ashes success and El Nino
The Mr Science Show: Science, Psychology and Cricket
The Mr Science Show: The Home Advantage
The Mr Science Show: Correlation of the Week: Shark attacks and the Global Financial Crisis
The Mr Science Show: Who do you trust to build your synchrotron? (this cannot be printed in a book – it’s just a movie clip!)
The Mr Science Show: Ep 107: Ranking Cricketers
A sorry saga – the crumbling cookie
Myrmecos Blog: Pyramica vs Strumigenys: why does it matter?
NeuroDojo: Are big brains for adulterous cheating?
NeuroDojo: The princess and the perfume, a hermit crab fairy tale
Neurophilosophy: Amnesia in the movies
Neurophilosophy: Brain & behaviour of dinosaurs
Neurophilosophy: Voluntary amputation and extra phantom limbs
Neurotopia: The Value of Stupidity: are we doing it right?
Neurotopia: Why I’m a Scientist
Neurotopia: Korsakoff’s Psychic Disorder in Conjunction with Peripheral Neuritis
Neurotopia: Friday Weird Science: Female Ejaculation
Neurotopia: Things I like to Blog About: Addiction and the Opponent Process Theory
Neurotopia: Opponent-Process Theory: Welcome to the dark side
Neurotopia: Eating Grad Style: Free Food
Neurotopia: Poem of the Day: #4 (poem)
Neurotopia: An Open Letter
Neurotopia: No Crybabies in Science
New York Blog: Celebrity-based science and the decline of journalism
New York Blog: Food Tripping
New York Blog: The Restructuring of Graduate Education
New York blog: Left Socks and Negative Data
New York blog: The impact of the Impact Factor
New York blog: Frenzy over fossil misses the link
New York Minutes: Be afraid, be very afraid…wait, why?
NoR: Confessions of a Science Fair Dad (almost)
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Darwinius changes everything
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Gender gap in maths driven by social factors, not biological differences
Not Exactly Rocket Science: How research saved the Large Blue butterfly
Not Exactly Rocket Science: 35,000-year-old German flutes display excellent kraftwerk
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Do lost people really go round in circles?
Not Exactly Rocket Science: Rapamycin – the Easter Island drug that extends lifespan of old mice
Not Exactly Rocket Science: How light or dark is Barack Obama’s skin? Depends on your political stance…
Nothing’s Shocking: Should authors decide whether their revised paper is re-reviewed??
Nothing’s Shocking: No longer considered to be ‘Leaving Science’
Observations of a Nerd: How big things relate to sex, stress and testosterone
Observations of a Nerd: Why I am not a Darwinist, but we should celebrate Darwin Day
Observations of a Nerd: Darwin’s Degenerates – Evolution’s Finest
Observations of a Nerd: A Marine Biologist’s Story
Observations of a Nerd: The End Of The Age Of Man?
Observations of a Nerd: Pan-Fried Conservation: How to eat our way to healthy reefs
Observations of a Nerd: When Good Genes Go Bad
OCD: My Flashback and Concern For OCDian’s
Oh, For The Love Of Science!: West Nile Virus in a Warming World
The OpenHelix Blog: Margaret Dayhoff, a founder of the field of bioinformatics
Open Minds and Parachutes: Which scientists can you trust?
Open Parachute: Human Morality I: Religious confusion
Open Parachute: Human Morality II: Objective morality
Open Parachute: Human Morality III: Moral intuition
Open Parachute: Human Morality IV: Role of religion
Open Parachute: Human Morality V: The secular conscience
The Oyster’s Garter: Why you didn’t really want the job, Waiting for Godot edition
The Panda’s Thumb: Where do comets come from?
The Panda’s Thumb: The Real Reason Biologists Laugh at Creationists
The Panda’s Thumb: It’s all about Science Envy
Pharyngula: A brief moment in the magnificent history of mankind
Piled Higher & Deeper (PHDComics): Great Tweets of Science (comic strip)
Piled Higher & Deeper (PHDComics): If TV science was more like real science (comic strip)
Plus Magazine: Shine a light on dodgy stats
Plus Magazine: You aren’t what your mother eats
Podblack Cat Blog: Are U(FO) Dreaming Of A Paranormal Christmas?
Podblack Cat Blog: Luck Of The Irish And Other Reasons To Avoid The Pub Today
Podblack Cat Blog: Pet Ownership – Maybe Not For Better Health, Perhaps Sense Of Humour?
Podblack Cat Blog: The Ode Less Practiced – Ericsson and Charness, 1994 / Fry, 2005
PodBlack Cat Blog: Sex And The Single Somnambulist
PodBlack Cat Blog: On Women, Paranormal Belief And When Yahoo Answers Wrong
PodBlack Cat Blog: Ninja Kittens Don’t Steal The Moon – Crime Rates And Lunar Phase Research
Not In Mother’s Good Linen! Apparitional Observations And Findings
Prerogative of Harlots: He Blinded Me With Science
The Primate Diaries: The Nature of Partisan Politics
The Primate Diaries: Introducing a Primate
The Primate Diaries: Male Chauvinist Chimps or the Meat Market of Public Opinion?
The Primate Diaries: Superorganisms and Group Selection
The Primate Diaries: Rivalry Among the Reefs
The Primate Diaries: An Anthropologist in District 9
The Primate Diaries: Does Taking Birth Control Alter Women’s Sexual Choices?
The Primate Diaries: Reexamining Ardipithecus ramidus in Light of Human Origins
The Primate Diaries: Misunderstanding Dawkins: The Role of Metaphor in Science
The Primate Diaries: The Struggle for Coexistence
Promega Connections: Introverts Aging, Gracefully
Promega Connections: When Five Hundred Tigers Are Not Enough
Promega Connections: The Play is Over
Promega Connections: Accepted Without Revision
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Chronic stress and its effects on brain plasticity
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Early-exposure to a high fat diet shapes future preference
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: The negative health effects of perceived discrimination
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Do adults with Asperger syndrome really have ToM?
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Did sleepwalking once serve as an adaptive function?
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Tone deaf? blame it on poor connectivity
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Bid farewell to sleep deprivation’s adverse effects on memory
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: The peripheral attenton deficit of primary psychopaths
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: The neural correlates of lucid dreaming
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Erasing phobias early in life
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Is inhibition a measure of free will?
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Observation of tool use activates specific brain area only in humans
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: Why middle-agers shouldn’t join the army
The Quantum Lobe Chronicles: The somniloquy hypothesis: How the immature brain learns facts
Reciprocal Space: This is not good enough
Reciprocal Space: Respect my Authority
Reconciliation Ecology: Lost Sounds
Reconciliation Ecology: El Condor Pasa
Reconciliation Ecology: Plagiarism, peer-review, and protecting the integrity of science
The Red Notebook: The Moor Walk
The Renaissance Mathematicus: In defence of the indefensible.
Reptilian Rants: New paper says dinosaurs were endomorphs.
Reptilian Rants: New paper dispells Komodo myth. Also Megalania may have been the world’s largest venomous animal.
Reptilian Rants: Sprawling crocodylians walk straight even if there isn’t much O2 to go around.
Reptilian Rants: A critical evaluation of Tianyulong confiusci – part 1
Reptilian Rants: A critical evaluation of Tianyulong confiusci – part 2
Reptilian Rants: A critical evalution of Tianyulong confiusci – part 3: Plucking at the idea of feathered dinosaurs
Respectful Insolence: Academia: Slowing down the search for cures?
Sandwalk: Did Life Arise 3.5 Billion Years Ago?
SarahAskew: IAU: The singular future of astronomy
SarahAskew: Revamped Hubble breaks new ground
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: How Science Reporting Works (cartoon)
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: Wrong approach / Right approach (cartoon)
Science After Sunclipse: Where Does Our Information Come From? (art/cartoon)
Science-Based Medicine: Astrology with needles
Science Based Medicine: ‘There must be a reason,’ or how we support our own false beliefs
Science in Paradise: Busting Marine Myths: Sharks DO Get Cancer!
Science. Why not?: Niche partitioning in orb-weaver spiders of Louisiana
Science. Why not?: The development of agriculture by the Attini tribe over the past 50 million years
Science. Why not?: American political opportunities are loaded against those who are simultaneously intelligent and honest
Science. Why not?: Could Pterosaurs Actually Fly?
Science. Why not?: Language is Culture and Culture is Language
Sciencewomen: Ask Sciencewomen: What name should I publish under?
Sciencewomen: Little Red Hens find their own peer mentors
Sciencewomen: Trailblazing teacher and role-model: an interview with a woman scientist who went before
Sciencewomen: Ask sciencewomen: If I’m happy with an MS should I get a PhD?
The Scientific Activist: Why Swine Flu Is Resistant to Adamantane Drugs
The Scientific Activist: On Mimicking Phophotyrosine
The Scientist: On the nature of faith: Part 1
The Scientist: On the last days
The Scientist: On the passing of reprints
The Scientist: On saying goodbye
The Scientist: Ontology
The Scientist: Ontology #2
The Scientist: On winding down
The Scientist: On the weekend
The Scientist: On small victories
The Scientist: On the nature of networking: reprise
The Scientist: Grey Council
The Scientist: On interfaces
The Scientist: Coincidental Chemistry
The Scientist: On the Future
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously–Part 1
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously–Part 2
The Scientist: The year of living dangerously–Finale
The Scientist: What I want to do when I grow up
The Scientist: Inspiration
The Scientist: In which I watch the Watchmen, and land a new job
The Scientist: Ongoing
The Scientist: On Differences
The Scientist: On whizzy things and how they fall apart
The Scientist: On kit culture
Skeptic Wonder: The Myth of Evolutionary Ascent
Skulls in the Stars: Michael Faraday, grand unified theorist? (1851)
Skulls in the Stars: Levitation and diamagnetism, or: LEAVE EARNSHAW ALONE!!!
Skulls in the Stars: Lord Rayleigh vs. the Aether! (1902)
Skulls in the Stars: The Discoverie of Witchcraft, by Reginald Scot (1584)
Song for jasmine: Charles Darwin’s first theory of evolution
Southern Fried Science: The ecological disaster that is dolphin safe tuna
Southern Fried Science: Bonehenge – Community action in science outreach
Southern Fried Science: Ethical debate: Personal liberty, jobs, conservation, and shark diving.
Southern Fried Science: Heroes and Villains
Southern Fried Science: A curious case of convergent evolution?
Southern Fried Science: Beyond Salmon
Southern Fried Science: Four things EVERYONE needs to know about sharks
Southern Fried Science: Interview with Discovery Channel Executive Paul Gasek
Southern Fried Science: What the hell happened to the environmental movement
Southern Fried Science: How to brew beer in a coffee maker, using only materials commonly found on a modestly sized oceanographic research vessel.
Southern Fried Science: Sharks are sub-par, at best
Southern Fried Science: The Serpent and the Platypus
Starts With A Bang!: The Camera that Changed the Universe: Part 1
Starts With A Bang: Making the Elements in the Universe
Stripped Science: The right pairing (comic strip)
Stripped Science: Catfight (cartoon)
Stupid Dinosaur Lies: Dino Den, The Worst Dinosaur Exhibit Ever!
Stupid Dinosaur Lies: Dino/human FAIL!
Stupid Dinosaur Lies: How Creationists Deal with Velociraptor Stupidly
Stupid Dinosaur Lies: Psittacosaurus as ‘Duck billed Dinosaurs’ (RFLMBO)
Stupid Dinosaur Lies: How Creationists Deal with Tyrannosaurus Rex Stupidly
Stupid Dinosaur Lies: The Riddle of the Sauropods
Stupid Dinosaur Lies: The Stegosaurus Carving That Isn’t
Suppertime Sonnets: In Which I Celebrate A Certain Member of the Lycaenidae Family (poem)
Tangled Up In Blue Guy: Accommodation and New Atheism in Brief
Terra Sigillata: Dear Dad, with love
Tessa’s Braces: Exploratorium (comic strip)
Tetrapod Zoology: Publishing with a hidden agenda: why birds simply cannot be dinosaurs
This Week at Hilton Pond: Fledgling Bird: Looking their Age
This Week at Hilton Pond: To John Muir: Thank You For Our National Parks
This Week at Hilton Pond: Big Trees: Redwoods & Sequoias
This Week at Hilton Pond: Insects That Sting: A Naturalist’s Dilemma
This Week at Hilton Pond: What Good Is A Butterfly? Ruminations on Ecology & Science Education
This Week at Hilton Pond: Damsels & Dragons: Autumn Odonata
This Week at Hilton Pond: Not-So-Confusing Fall Warblers
This Week at Hilton Pond: ‘Big fat’: An On-going Saga of Obesity in Ruby-throated Hummingbirds
This Week at Hilton Pond: Cedar Waxwing: ‘Most elegant’ Bird In North America
Thoughtomics: Hydras, Microbes and Immunity
Tom Paine’s Ghost: Taking Earth’s Temperature
Tom Paine’s Ghost: Beyond Energy (poem)
Tom Paine’s Ghost: Swimming in Ethanol’s Ethos
Tom Paine’s Ghost: The Biochemistry of Halloween: Installment II
Tumors Galore: Tree Tumors
Tumors Galore: Lions, and tigers, and boils! Oh, my!
Tumors Galore: Maintenance Therapy
Uncertain Principles: This Is My Job
Uncertain Principles: Science Is What Makes Us Human
Understanding Uncertainty: A Worrier’s Guide to Risk
Understanding Uncertainty: 2845 ways to spin the Risk
Urban Science Adventures! ©: Pollinators make the world go round (Travelog Europe)
Urban Science Adventures! © (YBP Guide): The Rightful Place of Science in Society and the African-American Community
Vagina Dentata: Ruthless, sex-fiend, testosterone-fuelled women gamblers found by scientists
Vagina Dentata: New ‘Scientist’ at it again
Vaviblog: The origin of fragrant rice The journal scope in focus — putting scholarly communication in context Implementing Fantasy Science Funding Science as a means of cross-cultural communication The corpus of science – a biophysical perspective What would science look like if it were invented today?
When Pigs Fly Returns: Horns & Spikes, Part 1: Postorbital Horns
When Pigs Fly Returns: Horns & Spikes, Part 2: Nasal Horns
When Pigs Fly Returns: Horns & Spikes Part 3: Jugal ‘Horns’
When Pigs Fly Returns: Horns & Spikes, Part 4: The Frill
White Coat Underground: Journeys
White Coat Underground: Fountain Pens
Why Evolution is True: The discovery of heredity
Why is science important?: Richard P. Grant: beautiful and essential
Why is science important?: Jennifer Rohn: severe skepticism, as natural as breathing
Why is science important?: Steffi Suhr: sure it’s pretty, but it’s much more impressive when you know why
Why is science important?: Sandeep Gautam: Asato Ma Sadgamay (lead me from Falsity to Truth)
Wild Muse: Urban bird strikes
Wild Muse: Naming species, to know a place
Wild Muse: Mesopredators gone wild
Wild Muse: Forget megafauna, let’s talk magnetic fauna
Wild Muse: Evolution of a coywolf, and range expansion
Wild Muse: Genital mimicry, social erections and spotted hyenas
Wired Science: Freaky Sleep Paralysis: Being Awake in Your Nightmares
Wired Science: Forgotten Drug Helps Stem Cells Repair Bone Marrow
Wired Science: Doctors Kill Parasitic Worms By Poisoning the Bacteria in Their Innards
The X-Change Files: Talking Incentives
xkcd: Correlation (cartoon)
xkcd: Newton and Leibniz (cartoon)

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