ScienceOnline2010 – introducing the participants

As you know you can see everyone who’s registered for the conference, but I highlight 4-6 participants every day as this may be an easier way for you to digest the list. You can also look at the Program so see who is doing what.
Anne-Marie Hodge is a Biology graduate student at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. She blogs on Endless Forms and Pondering Pikaia and is on Twitter. I interviewed Anne-Marie last year.
Nancy Shute is a science and medical writer and the blogger for US News & World Report. She is currently the vice president of the National Association of Science Writers and she tweets.
Marie-Claire Shanahan is the Assistant Professor in Science Education at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, where she studies the new ways of science communication and publishing and how those should be included in science classrooms. She is also on Twitter.
Catherine Clabby is the Associate Editor of American Scientist and is on Twitter.
Steve Gunn is the Editor for Innovative and New Products at The Charlotte Observer. And he is also on Twitter.
David Wescott is the vice president in the Raleigh-Durham office of APCO Worldwide. He blogs on It’s Not a Lecture and tweets.

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