Best of January

I wrote 134 posts in January. Unsurprisingly, a lot of that had to do with ScienceOnline (but there was other fun stuff as well, including some cool videos, images, etc.).
I went to see a talk about Ecology, conservation, and restoration of oyster reefs in North Carolina and wrote a post about it.
At the beginning of the month I announced the PLoS ONE Blog Pick Of The Month and later introduced the 3-D articles in PLoS ONE.
We also announced the posts that will be published in The Open Laboratory 2009!
In preperation for ScienceOnline2010, I wrote several posts breaking down the Program by themes and topics, e.g., Journalism at ScienceOnline2010, Civility and/or Politeness at ScienceOnline2010, Workshops at ScienceOnline2010, ScienceOnline2010 – evening events (and wild nights afterward), ScienceOnline2010 – Friday Tours, Art and Visual Representation at ScienceOnline2010, When Online and Offline collide (or collude) – at ScienceOnline2010, ScienceOnline2010 – what to do while there, what to do if you are not there but are interested?, Education and Outreach at ScienceOnline2010, Doing Science at ScienceOnline2010 – data, search, publishing and putting it all together, The Weather at ScienceOnline2010, ScienceOnline2010 iPhone app and Medicine at ScienceOnline2010.
After the conference was over, apart from posting a lot of videos made by participants with Flip cameras, I also asked you to give us feedback about your experience, wrote my own summary of the event – Making it real: People and Books and Web and Science at ScienceOnline2010, showed you how it all officially ends, thanked everyone who helped this event be biggest and best yet and kept updating the Blog/Media Coverage of ScienceOnline2010.
In the aftermath, I checked out the loot I got – Eureka, American Scientist and Phlogiston.
I did a Math 2.0 Webinar and an event on Twitter prompted me to post Hints on how (science) journalism may be working these days….