Today’s must-reads on science communication/journalism

Journalism has always been communal
Top Google queries about scientists: should we be surprised?
Getting more out of scientific content
Telling tales…
The Science Reader: A Crowd-Sourced Profile
Journalism and the public understanding of how science works. A suggested remedy.
So what do the journalists and scientists think?
Evaluating science journalism – with a Matrix!
Ed Yong, Colin Schultz, & More: A bloggitty twitterview conversation on sci-journalism, awesomeness, dirt digging, and wonkiness.
Understanding push-pull market forces and promoting science to under-served audiences
Push vs. Pull strategies in science communication
More on ‘Science blogs and public engagement with science’
Best science writing from the blogosphere!
New blog on science journalism and communication
Engaging the public on science? Surely you’re joking!
Now put all of those ideas together and draw a single conclusion?


2 responses to “Today’s must-reads on science communication/journalism

  1. I should also add Science Communicator or Scientist Communicator? by Kevin Zelnio to this list.

  2. And Isopocalypse is a great example of media not fact-checking, only pretending to interview, and generally being ignorant….heh.