ScienceOnline2011 – introducing the participants

As I do every year, I will do a series of posts introducing attendees/participants of ScienceOnline2011. You can find them all on the list, but it may help if you get them in smaller chunks, focusing on a few at a time.

Stacy Baker aka Miss Baker is the Biology Teacher at Staten Island Academy, as well as a graduate student in Teacher Education in Science at Columbia University. She blogs at Using Blogs in Science Education and tweets. Her Biology classroom blog is Extreme Biology. Together with Rachel Ward, Science Department Chair at the Staten Island Academy, Stacy will bring, for the third year in a row, eight of her students who will lead a session. I wrote about their 2009 session here and interviewed Miss Baker here. The students are always a hit at ScienceOnline, and they also have an entire category devoted to it on their blog.

Christie Wilcox is a Graduate Student in Cell and Molecular Biology at University of Hawaii in Honolulu studying fish population genetics and venom biochemistry, and a Graduate Assistant at Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. She blogs on Observations of a Nerd and is on Twitter. Back in April, I interviewed Christie for the blog – you can read it here.

Lisa Jarvis is the senior editor at Chemical & Engineering News. She blogs at Haystack and is on Twitter.

Dave Munger is a writer in Davidson, NC. He blogs on Word Munger, though his old blogs Cognitive Daily and Daily Monthly are probably better known, as they were pioneering what at the time was a new style of science blogging. Dave is also the founder of and one of the founders of And, of course, he can be also found on Twitter. My 2008 interview with Dave is here.

Virginia Hughes is a science writer in NYC, and a former Community Manager at She blogs at The Last Word On Nothing, at On SFARI Blog, at NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers blog and her own blog – Virginia Hughes. And she tweets as well. I interviewed Ginny back in February 2008.

Antony Williams, based in Raleigh NC, is the founder of ChemSpider and writes on the ChemSpiderBlog and The ChemConnector Blog (and tweets). I interviewed Antony back in May.


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