Best of November

I posted 58 times in November – the record low for me in years!

Blogging. What’s new? was the only original, creative, thoughtful post all month!

I went to the NASW meeting (you can watch my panel if you go here and scroll down to “Rebooting science journalism: Adapting to the new media landscape”).

I gave a talk – Sigma Xi pizza lunch lecture – Science in the current media environment.

His book just came out, so it was a good time for a little bloggy Q&A: Written In Stone: interview with Brian Switek.

And another science blogger published books – ZooBorns!

Another interview in the series: ScienceOnline2010 – interview with Marla Broadfoot

We opened ScienceOnline2011 for registration and had to close in 45 minutes as the confernce was full! A little later on we posted some updates and a Thanksgiving message. Then I started introducing this year’s participants.

The end of the month saw a frenzy as people used the very last moment to submmit their submissions for Open Laboratory 2010.

There is a cool new blog in town – Introducing: Science of Blogging.

Finally, I hosted Encephalon #82, the neuroscience blog carnival.

And over on the Scientific American Guest Blog, I summonned a bunch of great writers for an exciting month of blogging – check them all out:
Apple, meet Orange By Carin Bondar
We all need (a little bit of) sex By Lucas Brouwers
Bacteria, the anti-cancer soldier By James Byrne
Hold that door, please! Observations on elevator etiquette By Krystal D’Costa
Glia: The new frontier in brain science By R. Douglas Fields
To catch a fallen sea angel: A mighty mollusk detects ocean acidification By Kevin Zelnio
Ecologists: Wading from nature to networks By Jennifer Jacquet
Synthetic biology: Building machines from DNA By S.E.Gould
Now in 3-D: The shape of krill and fish schools By Hannah Waters
Food for thought: Musings on sustenance and what makes us human By Diana Gitig
I’m not a real scientist, and that’s okay By Steven Wartik
Science Cafe spreads understanding of bacteria over beers By Tyler Dukes
The Iguanodon explosion: How scientists are rescuing the name of a “classic” ornithopod dinosaur, part 1 By Darren Naish
The explosion of Iguanodon, part 2: Iguanodontians of the Hastings Group By Darren Naish
The explosion of Iguanodon, part 3: Hypselospinus, Wadhurstia, Dakotadon, Proplanicoxa…. When will it all end? By Darren Naish
Don’t leave it to the experts: Why scientists have a few people to thank! By Hannah King
Forgotten dreams? A call to investigate the mysteries of humanity By Lawrence M. Krauss
Divine intervention via a microbe By James Byrne
A primatologist discovers the social factors responsible for maternal infanticide By Eric Michael Johnson
Mauritius kestrel: A conservation success story By Khalil A. Cassimally
Felt up or blown up? The psychology of the TSA, body scans and risk perception By David Ropeik
Power from pondscum: Algal biofuels By David Wogan
Turkey talk: The social cognition of your Thanksgiving dinner By Jason G. Goldman
Epiphany from up high: Can a suburban family live sustainably? By Robynne Boyd
The decade the clones came: Beware the mighty Marmokrebs! By Zen Faulkes
The antidepressant reboxetine: A headdesk moment in science By SciCurious


8 responses to “Best of November

  1. You’ve done a great job of attracting many of the best science bloggers out there Bora. well done!
    I feel humbled to belong to this group of amazing people. I know my post was far from the best of the bunch- but could you include the link on your list as well (never mind if there’s a specific reason for excluding it)?

  2. Fixed it. Figured out why I missed it – when you just scroll down the Guest Blog, it’s not there! I have to figure out why. Can’t wait to move to WP….

  3. That’s strange, because it did show up as ‘previous’ and ‘next’ on carin’s and James’ post. Ah well, maybe the profanity filter kicked in ;)! What is sciam running now, if I may ask?

  4. Something made in-house…not too bad, actually.

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