Introducing: Science of Blogging

Peter Janiszewski and Travis Saunders, nutrition scientists and bloggers you know from the Obesity Panacea blog, have a new endeavor – Science of Blogging

In the introduction, they explain:

Science of Blogging will not only highlight the ways by which social media is changing the way science and research is communicated, but also provide basic suggestions for individuals or organizations who seek to use social media to increase the public understanding of scientific research.

We hope to achieve this goal by picking the brains of members of the online science community via regular guest posts, discussions, interviews, podcasts and more. We want to bring together our combined knowledge and experience to make it easier for people to start discussing science online (via any social media channels), or to do so more effectively.

Read (and comment on) the first posts there:

Scientists: Publicizing your research gets you cited more often

How building your online social network may affect your offline social life

Why all scientists should blog: a case study

Follow the Twitter hashtag #SoB and add your suggestions here.

I am considering writing a post or two for the site myself, and you should think about it as well.


2 responses to “Introducing: Science of Blogging

  1. Thanks for spreading the word, Bora! Really looking forward to working with you!

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