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I skipped a day – so you get twice as many links today, but it is a holiday so you have plenty of time and there is some great stuff there:

Attention versus distraction? What that big NY Times story leaves out

Analysing data is the future for journalists, says Tim Berners-Lee

The Web is (not) dead…if you believe Scientific American, not Wired

What do we want copyright to do?

Three signs your newsroom isn’t ready to cross the digital divide

Resentment News (and More Blondes Per Square Foot): Explaining What Fox News Channel Is

Lego Frog Dissection

The Sexing Up Of Science (I’m Coming Out! And So Can You!)

The Methane Calculation

The first submissions to the 2010 blogging contest are coming in!

Is the tech press needed anymore? (how Apple iPhone apps take off now)

French Professors Find Life in U.S. Hard to Resist

TARDC: Dr. Jim Trainham, Triangle Solar Fuels Institute

Wegman exposed: Experts find “shocking” plagiarism in 2006 climate report requested by Joe Barton (R-TX)

Fly away home

FLYING TRANS: New TSA Security Policies and What They Mean for Transgender and Genderqueer Travelers

The Uses and Abuses of Myths

RockMelt: First Thoughts

Willful Self-Deception is Bliss

Where have all the data gone?

Google launches STEM competition

Handle with care – Who is to temper the message of climate science to fit the psychology of those who receive it?


Whither University Presses?

Sage Open: Open Access Publishing Comes to the Social Sciences, Humanities

Pouches, pockets and sacs in the heads, necks and chests of mammals, part V: palatal (and other) pouches in camels and gazelles

Worst gadget ever? Ars reviews a $99 Android tablet

A primatologist discovers the social factors responsible for maternal infanticide

GREENWORLD, by Dougal Dixon

Big Pterosaurs Really Did Fly: Interview with Mark Witton Part II

Audi’s autonomous Audi TT conquers Pikes Peak – how long before it betters a human driver?

Dependence on advertising to blame for newspaper downturn, claims new study

Seeking influence

Added value needed for online media survival

Journalism: What added value will add revenue?

The deal is rotten

Merchants of Doubt: Is this where skeptics fear to tread?

Why the Daily, Murdoch’s “tablet newspaper,” will be DOA

There Will Be Blood

HOW TO: Use Social Media to Enhance Your Event

Posts I’m Thankful For This Year

Video Pick: Rapunzel Hair Physics

Worth a thousand million words: Researchers create 3-D models from online photo databases

Will Economic Health Align with Environmental Health?

The Mad Artist’s Brain: The Connection between Creativity and Mental Illness

What is the Best Approach to Aviation Security?

What are you Thankful For? Pubmed

Will the New Congress Subpoena Climate Scientists?

‘Rockstars of Science’ should be ‘Scientists of Rock’

Videogame Uses Camera to Target Ads

Koreaceratops—A Swimming Ceratopsian?

Managing Tiger Species Survival in American Zoos

Rare Tigers Raised in Africa to be “Rewilded” in China

Can 2,000 Wild Tigers Find Sanctuary in Thailand Forest?

Russia’s tiger forum: Our last chance to save tigers from extinction?

Beyond Understanding – Philosophy and Autism

Looking for PETN, Scanning Grandma at the Airport, and the Future of Air Travel

The Obesity Paradox Revisited

Giving Thanks for the Turkey’s Contribution to Cancer Research and The Genome of Your Thanksgiving Supper

Old, Ignored Records Yield 200 Years of Fish Population Data

88 Years In One Minute

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight?

TSA’s Problem? Competence.

Is it ‘neutral’ to spread lies?

Blogging is humbling, when your starting point is professorial…

TSA Pat Downs – How to Talk With Your Kids

Climbing Mount Publishable

CSIs Could Estimate Victim’s Age with Just Blood

Epigenomics: maternal high-fat diet exposure in utero disrupts peripheral circadian gene expression in nonhuman primates

Periodic Table of Elements, Revised

The TSA, Whole Body Scans, and Risk Perception

New Basal Iguanodonts from the Cedar Mountain Formation of Utah and the Evolution of Thumb-Spiked Dinosaurs

Science & Fiction at ScienceOnline 2011

Sarah Palin Will Teach Journalists How To Be Unbiased

Four Loko: Why Four Loko’s mix of alcohol and caffeine can be so deadly

Semen biochemistry of leprosy patients.

A parasite that eats snail gonads and controls fishes’ minds

Social Instability in Laying Quail: Consequences on Yolk Steroids and Offspring’s Phenotype

Comments Are a Lot of Work

Welcome, Hippodraco and Iguanacolossus!

Solitary fish hit rock bottom

Disruption, Aggregation, and Third Parties

An open letter to Palaeontologia Electronica

Rock S.O.S.™ Link Dump 3–What About Love?

From the Editor’s Desk: Quantifying Outreach to the Cult of Science

Mauritius kestrel: A conservation success story

Scientia Pro Publica #46

Two fish families evolved electric powers by tweaking the same gene

At a Checkpoint, Terror Fears and Testy Travelers

Serpentine style

Magazine Designer’s Guide to Magazines

Do peer reviewers get worse with experience?


Hallucinogens as Medicine

Crowd Control: How We Avoid Mass Panic

HIV Drugs Taken Preemptively Cut Rate of Infection Almost in Half

Go ahead, touch my junk

Faculty Get TMZ-ed in the Classroom

Theft! A History of Music—Part 1: Plato and all that jazz

How to Conduct the World’s First Electric Fish Orchestra

Lab Animals and Pets Face Obesity Epidemic

BIOMUSINGS Episode 3: ‘Finding’ that Special Someone

Rupert Murdoch — Still at War With the Internet

A handbook for community-funded journalism: Turning Spot.Us experience into lessons for others

To Find Love, the Barnacle Grows a Stretchy, Accordion-Like Penis

Why spreadable doesn’t equal viral: A conversation with Henry Jenkins

Felt up or blown up? The psychology of the TSA, body scans and risk perception

TSA felt the junk, missed the footlong razor blades

North Carolina Sea Grant is hiring a Public Communications Specialist

How to become extinct – the Pleistocene lesson

The Web Turns 20: Linked Data Gives People Power, Part 1 of 4

Internet Summit RTP 2010

Budding archaeologist digs for pumpkin pie

Payoffs of wasting time

GQ & Rockstars of Science – the demographics

Crying over a man I’ve never met reminds me of a woman that did what she loved.

Four major sins of news design

Thanksgiving Science: Tryptophacts and Tryptophantasies

Adam Savage: TSA saw my junk, missed 12″ razor blades

From lit to bio and back

Big Scientists Pick Big Science’s Biggest Mistakes

Literature pollution versus continually retreading the same ground

Al Qaeda isn’t Lex Luthor and Opt-out of gape-or-grope on November 24 and Disrupting the game as such

Valium or Sex: How do you like your science promotion

The Many Lives of Smilodon

How Not to Write an Essay on Oil, With Guidance from the New York Times

The Problem of the Humanities

Why Do Moms Kill Their Kids?

Why Are Coyotes Running Loose in Chicago?

Elegant defense of the humanities by noted structural biologist

Disturbing climate change headlines

The Fate of the Purple Spotted Editor: Evolve or Die

Turkey Day Science: What Do Gobblers Gobble?

My TSA Anti-Rant

The Attention Deficit: Plenty of Content, Yet an Absence of Interest

Fat but fit? Big gray area confounds scientists

It’s not the size of the boat (or barnacle), but it’s the motion in the ocean (literally)

The fear, Fear, and FEAR of Science

On Understanding Evolution: You are a Mutant

Science administration *is* science!


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