ScienceOnline2011 – registration is now open

Update: Registration has filled up in 45 minutes. You can add yourself to the waitlist.

Registration for ScienceOnline2011, the fifth annual conference on the intersection between science and the Web, is now open.

With only 300 seats, and so many people interested, I am sure registration will fill out in minutes! So hurry up and register right now then come back here afterwards….

Check out the conference official blog, planning wiki, Facebook event page, FriendFeed room, and Twitter account.

You can follow the discussions on Twitter, blogs, Flickr, Facebook, etc. by searching for the #scio11 hashtag in all those places. Please use that hashtag wherever you mention the meeting.

We will try to have all the sessions livestreamed on Ustream. Keep an eye on the website for updates.


4 responses to “ScienceOnline2011 – registration is now open

  1. Congrats on filling the meeting in 45 minutes. That’s both a great success and a great failure. You have successfully weeded out everyone who doesn’t carefully play by the rules.

    I enjoyed the meeting I attended a few years back Since then I have managed to build a small audience for my environmental posts. I would enjoy sharing and learning at this year’s meeting but it is not to be. I checked in here a day late.

  2. Is there a way to slow it down?

    Twitterverse was all abuzz three hours before we opened, people joking about exercising their mouse-hands in anticipation. Lots of people wanted in.

    We made a number of announcements as to when the registration will open. We urged people to sign up for notification e-mails so they are informed about it. It is impossible to accommodate everyone, so it is only fair to accommodate those who have shown the greatest interest all along, or, as you say, those who realized that in order to get in, they would have to “play by the rules”. Nothing wrong with that…

    As for others, we will livestream everything, and people will tweet and blog like crazy, so virtual attendance is not going to be such a bad experience either.

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