Dean Kamen – new science and technology show on Planet Green

Now this is exciting:

Dean Kamen is a globally renowned inventor with more than 400 patents, including the Segway, the insulin pump and the robotic prosthetic “Luke Arm.” This fall, the inventor will play the role of investigator—leaving his private island to jet around the world in search of the technologies of tomorrow. In the world premiere original series Dean of Invention, Planet Green joins Kamen on his quest to find the next scientific breakthroughs that will improve life for all mankind. Dean of Invention airs in Planet Green’s VERGE primetime block at 10/9c beginning on Friday, October 22.

Dean of Invention follows Kamen and correspondent Joanne Colan as they explore the emerging technologies being developed to tackle the most daunting global challenges of today. In each episode, Kamen and Colan encounter the world’s latest cutting-edge creations by embedding themselves with leading scientists, doctors and inventors. From space-age robotics to artificial intelligence to biological breakthroughs, Dean of Invention reveals the visionary scientific advancements that have the ability to reinvent the future.

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And a background story about it: ‘Dean of Invention’ looks at life-changing science:

Dean Kamen was game to do a weekly TV show about science.

Under two conditions, that is:

First, he wanted to keep the focus squarely on science — especially its thrilling possibilities for youngsters who dive in.

Second, Kamen, a world-renowned inventor (maybe you’ve heard of his Segway human transporter), didn’t feel like reinventing himself as a TV personality.

“I can be me. YOU can make it interesting,” he told his new partners at the Planet Green network…..

That’s this Friday, so tune in.


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