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The blogger bash last night was awesome!

Waiting on a friend

Congratulations to the students selected to attend Science Online ‘11!

Live and learn… and Smoking bans are good for barkeeps and Tobacco smoke is bad for you…but there’s another story here and The History of Smoking Bans & Anti-Smoking Sentiment

For the Maker of the Stars: The Cultural Reception of Print

On the Media: Public radio is enjoying boom times

Health Care and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

The Food Lab’s Top 6 Food Myths

Elect the Willfully Ignorant!

New research confirms global surface winds are slowing, blames land use changes

Body Size and Temperature: Why They Matter

Hagfish Analysis Opens Major Gap in Tree of Life

TWEET IT – iPads vs iPhones (Michael Jackson “Beat It” spoof)

The Illogicality of Stock-Brokers: Psychological Experiments on the Effects of Prior Knowledge and Belief Biases on Logical Reasoning in Stock Trading

Memo to Malcolm Gladwell: Nice Hair, But You Are Wrong

Evolution: The Curious Case of Dogs

Climate Change Alters Seedling Emergence and Establishment in an Old-Field Ecosystem

Batten down the hatches, matey!

Bacteria ‘R’ Us

Sperm Length Variation as a Predictor of Extrapair Paternity in Passerine Birds

Take Two Antibodies…

Science festival brings DNA fountain (where scientists like to meet) back to downtown Belgrade (in Serbian)

In the Laboratory and during Free-Flight: Old Honey Bees Reveal Learning and Extinction Deficits that Mirror Mammalian Functional Decline

Critiquing LaPlant et al, in Nature Neuroscience, Part 2: The sensitization

Fuzzy Critters’ Crystallized Pee Changes Climate Record?

Does Kin Recognition and Sib-Mating Avoidance Limit the Risk of Genetic Incompatibility in a Parasitic Wasp?

Scienceblogging: Scientopia – a Q&A with SciCurious and Mark Chu-Carroll

Parasite Evolution and Life History Theory

Psihobrlog is a psychology blog in Serbian language.

Creationism in the Classroom and The Separation of Church and State and O’Donnell: “That’s in the First Amendment?”

Ocean of benefits from open-access publishing

A previously unseen species of hallucinated moth

The Scariest Zombies in Nature

Eight months of Charlotte Observer Sci-Tech stories

Confusing Egg Labels

Docs on Pharma Payroll Have Blemished Records, Limited Credentials and The scalability of collaboration: ProPublica partners with five (five!) other outlets for its latest story

Mary Knudson launches Heart Sense blog

Balancing Value Systems

The Chilean miners story – a missed opportunity to do foreign reporting on the cheap

Napoleon’s legacy: ashes, tombs and DNA

When Small Numbers Lead to Big Errors

Why “Magical Thinking” Works for Some People

Curmudgeons strike again: Can Open Access Journals Guarantee Sound Methods? (what does that have to do with Open Access is anyone’s guess!)

Books as makers of publics

Keeping up with social networking sites: How much is enough?

RTP researchers collaborate to tap the sun and make liquid fuel

The Stone Age Food Pyramid Included Flour Made From Wild Grains and Cavemen Ground Flour, Prepped Veggies and The Cavemen’s Complex Kitchen

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Physical Activity

New in PLoS ONE: Citation rates of self-selected vs. mandated Open Access and Does Open Access Lead To More Quality Citations? The Data Says …

The Curious Tale of a Far-Flung Whale

Burger King breakfast video analysis

Does the Angry Blue Bird multiply its mass?

Nature’s Network: Introducing Scitable

Working from home sucks; aka “Preeclampsia for Dummies”

Chopping bits out of the genome

Who Would Invest In Venezuela?

Leigh Van Valen 1935-2010

Does the Internet Make You Smart or Dumb?

Megi – By Any Name, a Monster

2012 Mayan Calendar ‘Doomsday’ Date Might Be Wrong

Mountain Goat Kills Hiker in Rare Attack

Is There an Effective Climate ‘Narrative’?

A Setback for Neandertal Smarts?

Can squid hear?

Flower Anatomy

A One-way Maze for Flies

Why Are Alcoholics More Often Men?

Apocalypse 1953: Homicidal Alien Blobs

Is There Really a Systematic Problem in Medical Publishing? Or Just a Reporter With a Narrative?

So much monitoring in the Gulf, but no samples in sight

Acupuncture and history: The “ancient” therapy that’s been around for several decades

Group Intelligence: Contributing to awesomeness

An Inordinate Fondness #9

House of Herps No. 11

Scientist’s oath

Seeking Depression Information on the Internet

30,000 year-old flour production in Europe

How scientists and journalists can improve coverage

Transportation, Food, and Electricity Systems Not Well Prepared for Peak Oil

NYTimes files lawsuit against Kachingle along with DMCA takedown notice

WikiLeaks and No, We Don’t Hate WikiLeaks

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