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Here are some good photos from last night’s blogger bash.

Scientific Color

Controlling the Brain with Light and Optogenetics: Controlling the Brain with Light [Extended Version]

The Allee effect in action: why endangered Vancouver Island marmots are struggling to recover

Teachable Moment: Editor in Chief Mariette DiChristina introduces the November 2010 issue of Scientific American

Climate Hawks Take Wing

Washington Post Tells Reporters To Stop Engaging Readers On Twitter

What should you do if you’re attacked by a mountain goat?

What Really Causes Autism?

Rare New Zealand pigs to be killed for their semen

What is a scientist?

RTI unveils research gateway to secret U.S. Census and health data

Best writing in open access, 2009-2010

More examples of the best university Facebook pages

Respected Newspaper Man on the Death of Print – “La La La, I Can’t Hear You”

Clenched Muscles Assist Self-Control

“Doctor Bugs” visits the Triangle

Colour My World: Red parrot feathers resist bacterial degradation

Meet “The Hub,” a virtual clubhouse for community nonprofit news sites

Not Your Grandfather’s Scientific American

The Economic Argument (don’t forget to hover your mouse over the image)

The Vigilance of Trinity

The Curled Horns Get the Girl

The chaos theory of evolution

Discovering His Very Own Dinosaur

Consciousness, Qualia, and Self

Do Frequent Fliers Age More Slowly?

Getting off the “hedonic treadmill” and getting happier

Surprise! Now you’ll remember this article forever

Newsweek Takes on Water

Researchers imitate water striders with nanorods

ProPublica: Great story, but how much is too much?

Science editorials and buyer beware

I’ve Invented a New Theory, What Do I Do Now?

Google As a Medical Diagnostic Tool

One-minute science

The Strange Case of Kachingle v. The NYT

Sex and the Urban Bird: Who Needs ‘Natural’ Selection Anyway?

The iPad and the Meaning of Life

209 New Species of Parasitic Snail

The deaf have super vision, and other tales of neural plasticity

Evolution: Watching Speciation Occur

Universal Grammar is dead. Long live Universal Grammar

Monkey Directs and Creates Her Own Films

The Pedometer Test: Americans Take Fewer Steps

Can Starships Survive the Journey?

New Weapon Against Invading Fish: The Pan

The most ludicrous system ever devised

Chemistry Wins “Dance Your Ph.D.” Contest

Are ebooks taking off?

Dino B-Movie Alert: Triassic Attack

Archechiniscus: Distinctively Indifferent

White Cosmonaut, Red Cosmonaut

Technology Vs Humans: Who’s Controlling Who?

Human Gene Count: More Than a Chicken, Less Than a Grape

Black-and-White Butterflies Show Their True Colors

How the Gulf Spill Was Good for America

Dad’s Diet May Give Children Diabetes

‘Clinically Dead’ Woman Alive and Well

Usurpers in the Hive

Busted: Is Brazil’s ‘Jaguar Tony’ a Traitor and Poacher?

Buying Food With Cash or Plastic

Do Women Sweat Differently Than Men?

When A Sanctuary Is No Longer A Sanctuary

Is the coastline of Britain infinite?

Climate Cycles Recorded in Martian Sediments?

How big is a mole?

Black Is the New Green

Chances are, we’d all benefit from a statistics lesson

Being Suicidal: What it feels like to want to kill yourself

New regulator of circadian clock identified

Splices of Time

An Epidemic of Political Proportions: Smearing Science by Stomping on Ants

Dear John Kass, Where’s The Love?

Young kids can’t help believing what they’re told

Sticky Milk Powder

Grampa Hagfish: say hello to your greatest uncle

What belongs in the public domain?

Ask a Science Professor

It’s Not Dementia, It’s Your Heart Medication: Cholesterol Drugs and Memory

boyz will be boyz

‘Companies to Watch’ Honors 25 Job-Creating, Revenue-Producing Firms in N.C.

More Communicating Science Through Context: Visualizations

Momentum continues: Open Access Week 2010 begins

Featured Writing from The Primate Diaries

Rebooting the News #68

Of eyes and sex in lizardfishes

The Influence of Gustatory and Olfactory Experiences on Responsiveness to Reward in the Honeybee

Phylogenomic Analysis Resolves the Formerly Intractable Adaptive Diversification of the Endemic Clade of East Asian Cyprinidae (Cypriniformes)


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