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Busy day. Wonderful and lively Open Access panel at Perkins Library at Duke this morning. Sorry, no recording….

“A landscape of thoughts”: Jay Rosen on PressThink’s new redesign

Science scholars, science blogging and boundary work

Making a Difference in the Classroom and on the Stage

The 100 Percent Solution: For Innovation in News and A template for ’100 percent reporting’

New Research Shoots Down Justification for Wolf Hunts

Aging in the Air

Old Weather: read old ships’ logs and record their weather observations to improve current climate models

Thanks for the memories! Why Facebook “download” rocks

Myths are bustin’ out all over

Modern Book Sales: Amazon’s Tail Gets Longer Just as Google’s Mouth Opens

Relying on stereotypes is no way to address problems in science education and Boyz will be boyz

Science labs dread end of stimulus grants

Journalist blogging and commenting guidelines – at The Guardian.

Science 3.0 Blogging Contest and Open Access Blog Competition

In vino veritas – what problems does Open Access create?

Caricature Map of Europe 1914 by Keith Thompson, via Caricature Map of Europe, 1914, via More Visuals!

Constant connectivity isn’t just social, it’s Sociology

Science in the genes: Jonathan and Michael Eisen

You’re doing it wrong: Sending material and calling it embargoed before an agreement doesn’t make it so

What is stormwater runoff and why does it matter?

Press release journalism and the faulty press release and In which I continue to whine about crappy science journalism blogging.

Evolution: Having Some Fun With It

Bashford Dean: bridging medieval armor and Devonian fish

Why Women Live Longer

Sloth’s Strange Walk Is Really Just Upside Down (and Sloooow)

Robot, Build Thyself: Machine Made of Lego Builds Models Made of Lego

IBM city sim highlights gaming’s problem-solving potential

Countdown to the Carnal Carnival

Sequencing the “Exposome”: Researchers Take a Cue from Genomics to Decipher Environmental Exposure’s Links to Disease

The Allais Paradox

Gathering For Gardner: Celebration of Mind

Beating the asymptote: The end of rinderpest

Malaria-carrying mosquitoes might be splitting into new species

On Supplemental Data

Shift Happens

Interviews on Consciousness – Irene Pepperberg

The collapse of both bees and scientific independence.

Ancient Archosaur Arthritis

Trees Eat Pollution Better Than Expected and Tree Leaves Fight Pollution

Putting Barriers Between Doctor and Patient

Roadkill Problem on America’s Longest Main Street Studied

The Dean of Invention: Segway Mastermind Probes Sci-Tech’s Future

Gravity Is Love, And Other Astounding Metaphors

Putting the genetics in optogenetics

Waves of Mu, Mirror Neurons, and Funny Hats

Personalized Banking, Inside Your Mouth

Red, White, and Blue, but Not Green

Mathematics of text messaging could help cellcos manage networks

TODO LATER. A story of procrastination and forgiveness.

Genes that help plants sense darkness discovered

How much money was your doctor paid by a drug company?

Big Ideas from Small Countries

The New Norm in the Arctic: Change

Space Junk – It isn’t going to clear itself!



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