This week we’ll be in New York City

The Bride Of Coturnix and I are flying to NYC early tomorrow morning and leaving Thursday afternoon. While we set Monday and Thursday to be “for us”, we are flexible if anyone wants to meet for coffee or lunch – just let me know and we can arrange something. We plan to meet with my brother late Monday night for dinner or drinks (depending how timely is his flight in) but we can meet earlier.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will attend the 140 Characters Conference organized by Jeff Pulver:

At #140conf NYC we will be taking a hard look at something Jeff Pulver calls “The State of NOW” and the continued effects the worldwide adoption of social communication platforms such as twitter is having on a number of industries including: Celebrity, “The Media”, Advertising, Politics, Education, Music, Television, Comedy, Real Estate, Public Policy and more.

This is the second time this conference is held in NYC (it was also held in Los Angeles, London and Tel Aviv last year and is planned for DC, Tel Aviv, Atlanta, Los Angeles and London later this year). When it was in NYC the first time, the Twitter stream and the subsequent videos and blog-posts revealed a level of energy and excitement, as well as wealth of information, that told me we should not miss this second one.
There will be an amazing list of speakers and an incredible schedule. The Twitter hashtag for this event is #140conf NYC so you can follow.
There is an organized dinner for attendees on Tuesday to which we may or may not go, but on both Tuesday and Wednesday we will go wherever people we most care about decide to go and I will tweet the location so you can join us – have to be flexible and up-to-the-last minute this time around (not my usual style – I tend to plan these events in advance, invite people to a Facebook Event etc.). So follow my Twitter feed if you are in NYC and would like to have a beer at some point that is good for you.

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