It’s not genetic (video)

4 responses to “It’s not genetic (video)

  1. Can you say oversimplification? It’s not genetic.

  2. Of course, it’s a little bit genetic. And if everyone took her advice to eat healthy all the variance in the population would be down to genes and people who say “it’s genetic” would have a good case!

  3. Yeah! Depression isn’t genetic! Just be happy, dammit! Too much anxiety? Stop caring so much! Just stop worrying!

  4. Oversimplified? Yes. Raising a valid point? I think so, though it wasn’t communicated as clearly as it could have been. People blame an enormous amount of health problems on heredity, which allows them to take a pass on making positive changes in their lives. But obviously it’s a combination of nature and nurture. You can never discount one or the other.