Quick & dirty: misleading sex surveys in women’s mags (video)

Christine Ottery, on her awesome new blog Women’s Mag Science (check older posts) did a very interesting interview with Dr. Petra Boynton about the way sex surveys in women’s magazines are done, and how misleading they often are. Watch the video:

The quick and dirty world of women’s magazines from Christine Ottery on Vimeo.

2 responses to “Quick & dirty: misleading sex surveys in women’s mags (video)

  1. Couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t hear anything over the background music… ‘Till I checked the “Last 24 Hours” tab I still had open and saw the obnoxious auto launch video showing some stupid video game and playing asstastically loud, puerile music. autolaunching music on a website is WRONG. Simply inappropriate and monumentally uncool.
    While I’m kvetching? Dome with the Ballerina too. Just saying.

  2. Christine Ottery

    Ah, thanks Bora! Sweet of you to mention!