Virtual ‘Frog Dissection’ iPad app (video)

I can see this as instructional material while dissecting a real frog, getting a feel for its texture, smell, seeing the individual differences between the way multiple frogs look on the inside, but not as a replacement of the real thing. What do you think?

6 responses to “Virtual ‘Frog Dissection’ iPad app (video)

  1. I agree, it’s no substitute for dissecting the real thing. But I’m a little hesitant about dissecting frogs in this day and age — many frog populations are endangered and I don’t think the additional pressure of collecting for the dissection industry helps any. Isn’t there a better organism? In at least one University they use white rats. The students there know just as much (or as little) as students who have dissected frogs.

  2. Dale, I suspect that frogs and other lab animals are bred specifically for this purpose, and therefore there’s no pressure on the local populations.

  3. Last time I dissected a frog was in mid-1980s. In the meantime I both took and taught multiple courses with dissections of fetal pigs, sharks, mudpuppies and cats.

  4. I am SO getting this for my iPod, even though college was mumbly-years ago and it has nothing to do with my work today at all. Just like the cool periodic table app i got, and the one that discusses climate science.
    Substitute for real dissection? Nope. But a hell of a study aid at any time of life..

  5. Oh rats… looks like it’s iPad only, no iPod.

  6. Hi George! We are developing a flash version of the app for use on a computer, so you could check that out when it is released. The development team is also working on many other cool features for an updated version of Frog Dissection besides creating similar educational apps. In the meanwhile, we are glad if this app could save a few frogs of the world!