Housekeeping, Banner, and stuff…

As you may see if you look around, I got to play with the blog a little bit. With help from Arikia I moved it from to Thus the new URL is and the new feed is But don’t worry – the previous wordpress URL and feed automatically redirect to the new URL. You can also always access the blog from my homepage if you click on the recognizable blog banner there.

Speaking of the banner, the beautiful piece of art that Carel Pieter Brest Van Kempen (you may also know his blog) made for my blog is now up on top. And this reminds me that nobody has yet seen it full-size. So if you click on this thumbnail, you can see it BIG:

In other news, there is a good article about Scienceblogs, Pepsi, etc, in Newsweek that goes into details about the other institutional blogs on the network and poses some good questions.


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