Bloggers, Evolving

Four stories today, each about bloggers and writers evolving and reminiscing about their trajectories as persons and as writers.

First out, my friend Anton Zuiker is celebrating his Tenth Blogiversary! Now that is a long blogging career! Happy blogiversary, Anton! On this occasion, Anton traces back his blogging history in a wonderful piece, and also links to a report about blogging he wrote all the way back in 2002 – Blog Together (the title of which later became the name of our local bloggers organization). Anton certainly bootstrapped the local blogging community!

I have used ecological metaphors to describe what just happened in the science blogosphere, but it takes an ecologist to really get that metaphor right. Delene certainly did, and added more thoughts about her own niche in that new ecosystem – Science blogs and ecosystem disturbance (Delene is also celebrating her blogiversary today – her first).

Over on HASTAC blogs, Cathy Davidson is wondering about her own blogging personality – Who Am I? The Multiple Personalities of a Blogger.

Finally, Ed Yong asked a bunch of science writers and bloggers to give their own stories how they became involved in science communication, and many of the most prominent ones have already responded (and you can, too) at On the Origin of Science Writers.


8 responses to “Bloggers, Evolving

  1. Err… for the record, I’m not an ecologist. Do love to write about the field though.

  2. Not officially, but you know ecology as much as anyone can…

  3. Thanks, Bora. One of the prime goals for my blogging is to connect with people, and our friendship is a testament to that.

  4. And I just realized that three of the four blogs in this post are located in North Carolina šŸ˜‰

  5. Bora, have you seen this development: True/Slant Shutting Down

    Not a network I was following, but interesting development even so.

  6. Yes, Jay Rosen tweeted about it the other day. I wonder what their new secret project is all about….

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