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Busy right now, more posts later today, for now, read these posts:

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Greg Laden: The post-Pepsiblawg world looks a lot like the pre-Pepsiblawg world

David Crotty: Letting The Inmates Run the Asylum: Are Blogging Networks Compatible with Publishing Business Plans? and response by John Rennie: Do Open Networks Threaten Brands? (Pt. 1)

P.H. Lane: Science-Speak

Kate: On the construction of an online identity

Gerty-Z: Benefits of obscurity?

Jennifer Ouellette: we can haz diversity?

Vivienne Raper: Cry about skeptics and let slip a Member Of the Public

Dave Wescott: BlogHer Recap: More Studies Needed

Dan Gillmor: Google-Verizon plan: Why you should worry

Alison Stein Wellner: Big Emotion, Small Stream — and Why I’m Not a Journalist Anymore

Mallary Jean Tenore: Coffeeshop Newsrooms Yield Stories, Sources, Understanding of Journalism and Kelly Poe: Coffee and journalism: friends or foes?