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Some good stuff collected last night:

How to be less maladaptive

Thank you, SEED, for PepsiGate

SFN 2010: Stronger, Faster, Bloggier!

New Media Basics for Academic Societies: The Audience

Does Violation of an Animal Research Protocol Warrant Suspension? and Why Supposed Ethics Case Studies / Training Scenarios Are Idiotic and The value of (unrealistic) case studies in ethics education.

What Are The Origins of Number Representation? and What is Dyscalculia? How Does it Develop?

The Future of the Quik N’ Easy Meal

Got Neurotree? Got Psych, Fly, Physics, Marine Ecology…phew!


GulfSpillClips.com: headlines affecting the Gulf Oil Spill

A Chemical Free Rant

Go virtual, young man

Higher Ed and the rise of the citizen researcher

Goodbye horse race: A formula for citizen-focused campaign coverage

How mantis shrimp see circularly polarized light

Step 1: Post Elusive Proof. Step 2: Watch Fireworks.

Scientifica Gets Durham School Kids Excited about Science

Can we have a ‘Meta-Blog-Network’ please?

Building entrepreneurial networks in the Internet age

Good God! Can’t a Journal Author Have Any Fun Anymore?

Letters: Unnatural Science (responses to the Heffernan piece)

It’s not a tumor: Authors retract 2005 Cancer Research paper linking adult stem cells to cancer

Media World: I Take You Up On Your Challenge

How To Manage Negative Blog Comments


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