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A busy day:

Scientia Pro Publica #37

How did you end up in your career?

Is This Post Peer-Reviewed?

Oh, no! School wi-fi is making our kids sick!

Print guy learns video–how’s he doing?

Ray Kurzweil does not understand the brain and How to Build a Brain Wrong

Genetics is One: Mendelism and quantitative traits

Whatever Happened to Seismosaurus?

Insightful Animal Behavior: A ‘Sufficiently Advanced Technology’

A Conversation about Aggregators and Professionalism and In or Out? Membership and Standards

Data release (blogwar or pillow fight?)

A question of mission

Oh, snap! You mean 70% of oil is still THERE??

Fun with Pharmacokinetics (part 1) and Fun with pharmacokinetics (part 2)

The Brains of Our Fathers: Does Parenting Rewire Dads?

New York Times admits it utilizes ‘bloggy tactics’ by using word ‘hipster’ in headlines to get hits

The Evolution of Sharing

3 rules for running events

Nice things about the web and What’s Wrong With ‘X Is Dead’

The ormat game

Pocket science – swordfish and flatfish are close kin, and ancient death-grip scars

Lying students and medical school applications


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  1. isisthescientist

    Totally a pillow fight. No one called anyone a goatfucker.