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How to create an aggregated feed and Sites for Science and Humanities Exploration and New! Art Evolved aggregate feed and Chemical blogspace and S3.0 Online Science Bloggregator and 6 Free Websites for Learning and Teaching Science.

Life outside of America

When Interviewees Record! An experiment/interview on journalism (Related: The Ethics of The Quote)

Thirteen Ways of Seeing a medical poem by Aidel Moodnick.

Of Pronghorn and Predators

Eyes Wide Shut : A Field in Search of a Science

Polyamory chic, gay jealousy and the evolution of a broken heart

Medical reporting in the lay press does the public a disservice and Some excellent questions for medical reporters

Today’s UK Researchers: E-journals Dominate, Access Not an Issue, Skimming Increasing

The Usefulness of Dolphin Snot and Molecular identification of individual North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) using free-floating feces

Birthday Resolution (with a mammoth)

Work less, produce more and Why working at home is both awesome and horrible.

Google lets you make phone calls from Gmail and How to make phone calls from your Gmail account.

Feed Me, Seymour!

Veterinary fact of the day: fish medicine

White Flight in Social Networks? A Story of Another Digital Divide

Higher Education? How Colleges Are Wasting Our Money and Failing Our Kids—and What We Can Do About It

Cephalopod Consciousness Part 2: The Case for Animal Consciousness

Finding Melville’s Whale

Robots and neuroscience

Spiders, Carnivorous Plants Compete for Food—A First

Smart, Qualified People Behind the Scenes Keeping America Safe: ‘We Don’t Exist’

Journal-isms: What Would It Take To Reform Scholarly Publishing

Blue Pane Studio’s releases 7th iPhone app. This one for American Physiological Society

Pokémon Vs The Royal Botanic Gardens

Periodic Table of Elements For Kids

Terra what? Terra Sigillata!

Projectile Pooping

I pad, you pad, (s)he pads – we all pad


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