Call for submissions for Grand Rounds, medical blog carnival

The next edition (Vol. 6 No. 49) of Grand Rounds, the medical blog carnival, will be hosted by me, right here at A Blog Around the Clock. I have hosted it a couple of times early on, but have not done so in a few years. Time to get back to it!

So send me all your posts that have something to do with medicine: fun and quirky stuff, personal stuff, biomedical science, healthcare policy, nursing, patients and cases and medical practice and Medicine2.0 and everything you can think of that is related to medicine and health.

The deadline for submission is August 30th by midnight Eastern time. The carnival will be posted some time in the morning of August 31st.

Send you entries to: nick AT blogborygmi DOT com (though it would be nice if you could also CC it to me at Coturnix AT gmail DOT com if you can remember).


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