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Still far from home, but you can read these in the meantime:

Trial by error: How bad is mainstream science reporting?

Asking ‘Who’s a journalist?’ is so 2007

We’re Hot as Hell and We’re Not Going to Take It Any More: Three steps to establish a politics of global warming — guest post by Bill McKibben

On science blogs this week: Evolution in action

Peer Review and the Internet

Don’t Just Sit There! How bathroom posture affects your health.

Tweeting evolution and Evolution – in 140 characters

Walking sub-optimally is the way forward

It’s just a little pre-digested; it’s still good, it’s still good.

Supplementary Information: should I stay or should I go?

Is an Ant Colony’s Caste System Determined by Epigenetics?

Silver Spoon Hyenas: Maternal Social Status Affects Male Reproductive Success

My Daily Read: PZ Myers

Program Note – Grand Rounds carnival

RTP working on new master plan and R&D billions are tectonic force in Research Triangle area

Which food has more fairy dust, and which journalist will report it?


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