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Lots of good stuff today!!!

Oliver Sacks on Vision, His Next Book, and Surviving Cancer

How I published a book, thanks to The Open Laboratory

Physical Review Letters gives a WARNING!!! (1958)

Crazy as a Bedbug Researcher

Cash-free living: how to survive and thrive without money

The Guardian takes on biodiversity

Carnival of Evolution #27

What Hurts Fitness More: 30 Years of Aging or 3 Weeks of Bed Rest?

Science publishing: the humorous side

Pocket Universes: Gotta Catch ‘em all?

The Razorshell Heroes

High tech’s hiring dark secret: It’s all about age

A close look at the plastics industry’s spin on BPA

Interview With Jean-Claude Bradley: The Impact of Open Notebook Science

The ticker tape feeds the night

Psychedelic drugs return as potential treatments for mental illness

Welcome to Gobbledygook

Obese Pets: How to Help Your Furry Friend Stay Slim

Take me, I’m yours

Press as Facebook & Foursquare

The blue revolution at BBC Science

Tarantula Tales

How Do Search and Rescue Dogs Find People?

The Bad Language of Physics

Prairie Dogs: Small Creatures, Big Vocabulary

Welcome to Wonderland

Geoengineering won’t touch sea level rise

Science’s dead end

Why Trust A Reporter?

Serbia: ‘Better on Facebook Than in the Streets’

How to get a newsroom to cover stories live

Do new discoveries ever ‘rewrite evolutionary history’?

Eruptions is moving! and Welcome to Eruptions 3.0

The beavers of New York City

#solo10 will be livestreamed

A month of Flattr

Four Stone Hearth #100

Why traveling birds need army ants

Megan McArdle Really Hates Sex at Dawn

Dispersants! Part III: Do dispersants really promote degradation of oil?

How your proposal gets reviewed

Tackling the Data-Driven Funding Challenge — a New Skill for Nonprofit Managers

The Neuroscience of Self-Inflicted Harm

Wiki life

Melatonin therapy effective in treating primary insomnia

Decade 2: Encouraging Educators to Rethink Social Media Strategies in the Classroom

The Unfortunate Truths of Food Blogging

Invisible Artifacts

The future of higher education, according to the rumor mill.

Barking Mad: How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?


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