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An incredibly productive Labor Day:

Man’s new best friend? A forgotten Russian experiment in fox domestication and New Nice.

The labyrinth of Inception

A plague stalks sleeping bats and Bats! Bats! Bats!

Mollies, PokeBalls, and Naked Ladies : A Topsy-Turvy Lesson in Learning Words from Context and Why are Zipfian distributions found in language?

Ocean of Pseudoscience: Sharks DO get cancer! and Sharks don’t get cancer but do they get Salmonella poisoning??? and Sharks don’t get cancer?

Greenwashing – Is there really a sustainable Orange Roughy fishery? and The Environmental Politics of Sacrifice and Having your fish and eating it

Home Chemistry: A New Guide for Hobbyists and Home Schoolers

The grad student totem pole

Nintendo Wii – Is It Really Physical Activity?

Contemplating the end of the world, math, mystery and other things

The art of sharpening pencils

Naturally selecting winners

Top 100 news feeds on Twitter

Talkin’ Brains: Neuroscientists Need to Communicate Their Research to the Public More Effectively

How news breaks now

In which the blind see

Peer review is no picnic

Yes, drug companies do pay attention to herbal medicine

My, how you’ve grown. Reflections on #solo10

How not to pass a homeopathy exam

Rollover Minutes: How Adam Penenberg Has Legitimised New, New, New Journalism. Again.

Cyborg Noses

Stopping (What Could Be) Schizophrenia Before It (Possibly) Starts. Maybe.

Labor Day: In honor of those who struggled on our behalf

Some Newspapers, Tracking Readers Online, Shift Coverage

How we relate to the real world in our digital age

Daydreaming plays a role in how we forget

Testing nuclear fuels with computers

Initial Thoughts on the Canterbury Earthquake and Haiti: 230,000 Deaths. Canterbury: 0 Deaths. Why? Canterbury Earthquake (Pt I)

Science online London 2010 – day 1 and Science online London – day 2 and Science online London 2010 – a (my?) summary

What is Life

Raleigh Blogger Roundtable

No turning back for science

Creative Growth: Sustainable Underwear by Artists with Developmental Disabilities

ANDREA Air: Turn Any Plant into a Powerful Air Purifier

Will finding sex partners online make you sick?

A Mind-Expanding Experience

On Web 2.0

Healthier Water, Healthier People

Realism and Science and Adding a Little Reality to Building Ontologies for Biology

Xtreme bacteria!

Stripped, Part III – ‘Back’ – on being bipedal…


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