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Shana tova!!!

Of writers and activists – are science bloggers being ambitious enough?

How Carr’s “The Shallows” is more an exercise in literary nostalgia than a work of tech punditry: Carr’s ‘The Shallows’: An Internet victim in search of lost depth

Help us add images to Scienceblogging.org.

Pepsi-gate lite? Pepsico’s social media growing pains, this time with the moms: Working the Social Media Angle at BlogHer ‘10: Slowly They Turn

NPR Takes ‘Web-First’ Approach to Blogging. What Does That Mean? and To add depth to web news, stations try going ‘vertical’

Fourmile Canyon Fire (#boulderfire): There but for the grace of God, go I

BioMed Central drafts position statement on open data

Institutional repositories and digital preservation

Further Bedbuggery

Let slime moulds do the thinking!

Discover Magazine blog: A Science Writing Renaissance?

A marine biologist sounds good…

Getting out of their depth: How rockfish speciate without physical barriers

Ele-Comm: Short for Elephant Communication

Surviving in the stomach – Acid Stress

Ocean Acidifi-WHAT?!

Geomorphically Incorrect Art.

Ghostwriting Overpromoted HRT and Ghostwriting As Marketing Tool and
AMWA Position Statement on the Contribution of Medical Writers to Scientific Publications.

Mom and Pop Parenting: Determinism Strikes Again

Wireless Cellular Communication

Book Burnings

Hipster Dinosaurs

Solar Cells Made From Bioluminescent Jellyfish

Developing New Antibiotics: Thinking Outside The Bacteria-Filled Box

In which the great slumbering scientific beast awakens

Is Wikipedia Journalism Aiding the Spread of a Deadly Superbug?

Nature Network: New Features

#Solo10 – beyond science blogging?…

How old is my meadow?

First New Snail Larval Form Discovered Since 1878

Lessons from a broken bottle

The Invisible Side of Plastic Marine Debris

One for all or all for one?

Who Wrote the Worst Paleo-Poetry?

Squishable Cthulhu

Triceratops lives! -or- Why the mainstream press makes me cry.

How to write and publish a science book?

Things you wish you knew when you started…THE BIBLE.

What will it take to make every workplace as safe as the corner office? Some Labor Day thoughts – President Obama wants to spend $50 billion on infrastructure to create new construction and manufacturing jobs. How safe will those jobs be?

Making of Trilobite Boy Rocks Out


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