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Calm before the storm….

The Virtual Assignment Desk and The Launch of the Local East Village

Rebooting the News #63

How to reboot RSS

The Portfolio Strategy: Developing a Financially Sound Plan for Not-for-profit Publishers

All over N.C., festival brings science to you

Biologist looks at consumerism and our world

A new way to predict winter weather

Working to rebuild our hearts

Students bond with cadaver donor’s kin

So can Google Realtime really tell you who broke that embargo?

Why are books so big?

Semicircular and built at the base of a large rock

A physicist, a chemist and a zoologist walk into a bar …

‘[W]hy any of ‘us’—meaning faculty—would want to have any kind of personal relationship with students’

From Good Study Habits to Better Teaching

The Man Who Wouldn’t Die

The Strange World of Drug Origins: Nuns’ Urine, Yew Trees and Rooster Combs

‘Environmentalism’ can never address climate change

Why do cryptozoologists hate arthropods?

Dancing filopodia

When Leaders Sacrifice Group Goals for the Sake of Self-Interest

Brains, poop, blood and other things that make science exciting

Multitasking through the news

Lead Poisoning in Samurai Kids Linked to Mom’s Makeup

James Dobson’s dog-beating story

5 Ways to Prepare for Career Life in College

Forays Into Multimedia (And Ensuing Frustration)

Summer activity recap – having adventures all summer long.

My Science Enemy

The Attention-Allocation Deficit

The Republican Party is in a meltdown over ‘values’

9/11 Tribute Traps 10,000 Birds

Epigenetic Memories

Stegosaurus Week: A Rare Look at Soft Tissue

Shotgun Psychiatry

When your supplier goes bust…

Elephant fish diversification via rapidly evolving electrical signals

The More Victims, the Less Severe the Judgment

Is God scraping the barrel for miracles?

Paired-pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation For Smarties

Data is the new soil

Some grizzly bears survive by eating up to 40,000 moths a day

On open data and disruptive innovation

Want to be immune to deadly poison? It’ll cost you

Wok on: ‘I don’t want newspapers to die. But…’


Scientia Pro Publica #39

Oversexed Female Snails Make Males Chase Each Other

Gamers Better at Fast Decision-Making

Human Activities on the Deep Seafloor in the North East Atlantic: An Assessment of Spatial Extent

The Cercal Organ May Provide Singing Tettigoniids a Backup Sensory System for the Detection of Eavesdropping Bats

Correlation between Male Social Status, Testosterone Levels, and Parasitism in a Dimorphic Polygynous Mammal

What Girls Aren’t Reading…

Tree or ring: the origin of complex cells

In which I flog a dead horse: revisits the Kouper paper about sci-blogging.

Investigation: Nanotech’s known unknowns

Shelter Dogs: Taking the Dog’s-Eye View

British bumblebees are inbreeding themselves into extinction

An eye for an eye

Hybrids May Thrive Where Parents Fear to Tread

Why are eggs egg-shaped?

10,000+ Walruses Come Ashore in Alaska As Arctic Ice Melts

Geocentrism: Was Galileo Wrong?


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