Introducing Wired Science Blog network!

There is a new science blogging network in town – the Wired Science Blogs!

The launch was announced earlier today by Betsy Mason (Twitter), the editor of Wired Science. She will be assisted, as Online Community Manager, by Arikia Millikan (blog, profile, Twitter) whose experience in managing online communities (from, through Psychology Today blogs to Haiti Rewired) is unprecedented.

The new network is starting with an All-Star line-up of science bloggers:

Brian Switek (Twitter) has moved his blog Laelaps from here via here to the brand new shiny Laelaps on Wired.

Maryn McKenna (Twitter) moved from here, via here to the new version of Superbug at Wired.

David Dobbs (Twitter), previously here and here, alights today on the new Neuron Culture on the network.

Brian Romans (Twitter), is moving his blog from here to the new Wired version of Clastic Detritus.

Rhett Allain (Twitter) will keep blogging about physics, but instead of at the old place, he’ll do it at Wired, on Dot Physics.

Jonah Lehrer (Twitter) was the first one to move to the Wired network, from here to the new Frontal Cortex

Daniel MacArthur (Twitter), currently here, will also join the crew shortly, moving his Genetic Future blog to an URL that will be something like this.

And the original Wired Science Blog will continue publishing with multiple authors (including, I assume, both Betsy and Arikia).

The combined RSS feed is not ready yet, but you can grab the feeds of all the individual blogs you are interested in. And don’t forget that the network now has its own official Twitter account – @wiredsciblogs.

This is a great new development in the evolution of the science blogging ecosystem. Congratulations to the Wired team on the good job and to the bloggers for landing on such a cool network. We’ll bookmark, subscribe and read…


9 responses to “Introducing Wired Science Blog network!

  1. The combined RSS feed is not ready yet, but you can grab the feeds of all the individual blogs you are interested in.

    Are you sure? I can grab the combined feed, and I can get comment feeds, but I can’t seem to get feeds for the individual blogs.

  2. Really? How? I need the combined feed for

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  4. Thanks Bora, you are awesome!

  5. Thank you. I placed the combined feed on this afternoon so I can track you easily.

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