Best of September

I can’t believe I forgot to do this on the 1st of the month! But better late than never….

I posted 75 times in September 2010. I bet half of those were ‘Quick Links’ and videos…but there was other stuff as well:

Of course, I had to share with you Some Big And Important And Exciting News!

Ecosystem is rapidly changing: PLoS Blogs – the science blogging network! and Introducing Wired Science Blog network!

And in order to see just how the ecosystem is changing, I started a series of Q&As with people who are most actively involved. I started with a Q&A with Andrew Thaler of The Gam.

I went to The Most Awesome Wedding and to the Block By Block conference and to see the Mythbusters – yes, I got to meet Jamie and Adam.

On my very last day working at PLoS, I made my last Blog Pick of the Month.

I got a couple of more of the ScienceOnline2010 interviews – and hoping to get a few more still. Read the Q&As with Jennifer Williams and Morgan Giddings

If you are local, I hope you come to The BlogTogether Birthday Bash

And I hosted Berry Go Round #31.